News Report #2 Booing\Ghosting


Booing\ghosting has been a fan favorite in fifth grade Heathcote Elementary , you wait for someone to drop a bag of candy at your door and catch whoever it is. “It’s really fun to get booed and get candy, but on the other hand its really fun to boo people and get away with it” Josh Potter said. According to Sam Smith catching people when they come boo you is the best part.As this tradition goes on every year a couple days before all hallows eve/ halloween. “It seems that everyone is enjoying this event” said Raymond Tong. “It a great way to play with your friend eat candy, and get to boo\ghost people. 90% of the people have been booed.As most people know that this year is pretty much the last year of booing, everyone wants to get into it and enjoy the tradition and event. Will you be next?


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