Capstone Interview

Capstone is ending, and it feels like we have just started. We will be needing to present our information that we researched. Two things had my way blocked and that was my interview and site visit, I am happy that I finished my interview but I still have a obstacle to clear, now let’s get started.

I don’t want to lie but I was under stress, I didn’t even do any work on trying to find somebody to interview and I had to have my parents help me. Lucky for me in my fathers company there is a equity analyst(somebody who studies companies) and she knew about Nike. While my dad was in L.A he set up an appointment for me.

I  had set up my interview on May 26th at 4 o’clock since I was coming from the city I ended up arriving at 4:30 thirty minutes later than agreed!

I was really afraid that she would say that she had work or something else to do but she gladly took out her time of the day to help me on my project, and the interview went great it was a great 20 minutes of info on all the questions that I needed the answer to.

During the interview I think that I got all the info on every question, for example when I asked Beth what keeps Nike up at that #1 spot, she said that it was re-investing, when i made so much money from the Jordan Shoes, they used that money to sign players like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Paul George, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Ben Simmons. But when Under Armour made all that money from the Curry shoes they just used it on private jets, mansions, Luxury golden chains e.t.c, not signing another NBA superstars. “Nike uses their money in ways to make them even more popular”.

Once I finished with my interview I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, I had to give full credit to my father who set up the whole thing for me, I thought that she would not have the answer to some of my questions but I was proved wrong, I also had to thank Beth(The person I interviewed) to take the time out of her day. Honestly, it was not a pain just that I had to get my work due before the due dates, one done , one more left to go.




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