Rocket Launch – Apollo 20

Today we had our rocket launch. For the first launch I was a Launcher, clinometer and a data recorder. For the second launch I was video, clinometer  and data recorder. The process of making the rocket was very hard but the fun part came and we got to launch.  Making the rocket was especially hard because we had to do a lot of research then make poster boards, rocket diagrams and after all of that we built our rocket. To build the rocket we had to make a paper body for the rocket then cardboard fins and a nose cone and tape it all together. Making the poster boards we had to design a logo, Find rocket diagrams, find rocket quotes and pictures and make a rocket drawing. For the launch when I was a launcher I pressed the button down and the rocket launched high up. The results for  launch one was 25 to 30m. The first launch was nice weather. After launch one we had launch two. For the second launch we took away a fin so instead of four fins we had three. Our results for launch two were 13m. e second launch was very windy. All launches were succesful.


In class we are reading a book called “Stargirl” by Jerry Spinelli. Jerry Spinelli is an author that writes about social issues. This book is very intresting because it is about a brave 10th grade girl named Stargirl. Stargirl is different then the other kids in school. She dresses different everyone else in the school just wants to blend in. No one talks to Stargirl. Everyone thinks she is a joke, an actress that the school hired to get more school spirit but, she is not. Hillary Kimbal a girl in the grade is the one who started this rumor.

The school football games are not crowded. One day Stargirl showed up and went on to the feild in the middle of the game people were chanting. The the next week at the game the whole entire schol was there but Hillary and the school was spiritive. Just like Stargirl planned.  Stargirl suprisingly joined the cheerleading team. Stargirl is a brave character who does not care about what anyone else thinks of her.

Colonial America – pt 2 – Persona

My name is Maggie Peterson. I am a plantation owner. I was married when I was 15 years old to someone named Jeffery. Scott Peterson’s wife shot him. He divorced his wife. A year later when I was 16 years old I ran in to Scott Peterson. We got married a week after that. One month after we met we were going to have a baby named Emma Peterson. So we moved to Scott’s parents plantation and soon we became the plantation owners. Right now I am 20, Scott is 22 and Emma is 5.  I get to do the woman’s role on a plantation. It may not seem like it is an important job but it is a really important job. There are so many things I get to do to keep this colony successful. Some things I do are manage the slaves. I get to choose if I am going to be good to them or mean to them and I choose to be good. If a slave is having a baby I help deliver the baby. When an unexpected guest comes I have to offer them a meal and a place to stay. Other things I do are clean the house, take care of Emma, take care of sick slaves,  help Scott in fields, run the household, and I give children lessons. Also I plan parties and I am expected to be a good host since it reflects on Scott. I give directions to slaves on meal preparation , manage the big house, and I supervise the woman’s workshop.

Colonial America – pt 1 – Overview

In class we are doing a colonial america project. There are 3 colonys Middle, Southern, and New England colonies. I ended up in the southern colonies. I am one of the plantation owners I do the womens role on the plantation. In class we research our jobs and make rules for our colony. In class we are going to build what our colony looks like out of cardboard. We already made maps, charters, and so much more. This project is different because in this one we are doing it all on our own our own our teacher is just going to be throwing challenges for example a native american attack.

The Best Vacation I Have Ever Been on

🗼The best vacation I had ever been on was Paris. I loved the crepes, croissants, macaroons but I especially  loved the Eiffel tower🗼 me and my dad went all the way to the very high top. We had to take a big scary elevator that goes sideways to get there but once we were there I could see everywhere it was amazing. Even though I hate walking we did a lot of it but it was actually very fun👍. We went to museums we waited on a very long line to see a castle that was so cool. We had the best dinners at the best places. Paris was awesome I wish I could go there again well hopefully I will and hopefully very soon.😜

How I chose My Passion Project

Mrs. Rago said find something that is important to you to write about. And then she told us about the 2 amendment and the 14 amendment. I really debated about the second amendment and that’s when I chose to write about it. After I was done writing it I really loved it. I wanted to know more then the next day she told us we needed to pick a passion project that is an issue the 2 amendment was an issue and then I remembered how much I wanted to learn about the 2 amendment so I chose it as my passion project.

The best food I have ever had

You know how everybody has a food that they love. Well mine is salad but I like pizza even more. So my favorite food is salad pizza. It is the best food I have ever tasted. Whenever they are making it in the oven at Sal’s pizza place I can’t wait for it come to my table. I try not to eat it in one bite I try to save the amazing taste but it is hard really, really,  hard.  And then when you are done with your amazing meal you head over next door to the amazing ice cream place for ices and gelato. I love the gelato but I mean the ices are even better they are amazing they have chocolate, Coffee, Superman, Rainbow, Pineapple, mango and many more awesome delicious flavors that you will love.

Only One You – 6 word memoir book review

Appreciate art because everything is art

That means appreciate everything around you and in front of you and appreciate yourself and what other people do for you.

Everything you do makes a difference

Something that you do wrong can make a difference on somebody else’s life.

Think about others not just yourself

Anything you say or do can hurt a person so think before you do something and think how it can hurt another person.

Think before you make an action

Anything you do anything you say anything you tell somebody else about something that you do not think is big or can hurt them can hurt them very much.

Plant Post #1

My question for my group is what is the effect of dyed water on my plant? Our hypothesis was if we use dyed water our plant will become unhealthy and stop growing because of the chemicals in dyed water. My controlled quad has regular water, sunlight, and soil. My manipulated quad has died water, sunlight, and soil.


For the first day our controlled plant was 5 cm, 5 leaves and the color is green. For the second day the height was 6 cm, 5 leaves, 1 bud and the color is green. For the third day the height was 6 ½ , the color was green and there are five leaves, and still one bud. For the fourth day the height was  7 cm, the color is green, there are three buds, and there are five leaves. For the manipulated plant the first day it was the color was green and red, the height was 3 ½cm, and there were 4 leaves. For the next day the height was 4 cm, and the color was green and red. For the third day the height was 6 cm, there were 4 leaves, and  the color is green, red, and brown. For the fourth day the height was 5 ½cm, there were four leaves, and the color is green, red, and brown. My controlled plant has flowers, a green healthy stem, and a tall stem. My manipulated plant has no no flowers, a green unhealthy stem, and a small stem.