Notes from a Liar and Her Dog Essay-Caroline

I think the theme for the book Notes from A Liar and Her Dog by Gennifer Choldenko is never lie. My evidence is that there will be consequences for every lie. Even if you get away with it, it will always be traced back to you. For example, when the main character Ant (Antonia) spreads a rumor that she is adopted the Art teacher (Just Carol) tells the principal and gets sent to the principal’s office. 

Ant has a best friend named Harrison who helps Ant whenever she needs help. Ant has two sisters (Kate and Elizabeth) who are mean and annoying. Ant thinks she is adopted because she looks nothing like her sisters and mom. “ Three peas in a pod and one brown acorn” her father says.

Just Carol is sorry that she sent Ant to the principal’s office so she agrees to sign them up for a zoo program. Everything is fine until Ant decides to bring her dog Pistachio to the program even though animals are strictly prohibited. She thought, it’s okay, i’ll just hide him in my coat pocket, but it wasn’t. Everyone heard her scream as Pistachio got loose in the lion cages.

From then on she was prohibited from going to the zoo program.

Ant and Harrison apologized to Just Carol and they were allowed to go to the zoo program again. Under one condition. 

It turned out Ant had taken Pistachio to the without her mother’s permission, and on top of that, she gave the vet the wrong address for payment. Just Carol promised if Ant apologized to the vet and her mom, told her mother, and made up for the vet money, then finally Ant could go back to the zoo program.

Eventually, she and her mom made up, and her sisters weren’t so mean anymore.

Harrison helped, by believing in Ant, but Just Carol was the one who gave Ant second chances and believed Ant could change. In the end, Ant did change by realizing she didn’t have to lie. I really enjoyed reading this book and I think everyone should read it because everyone slips sometimes and lies.

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