Dr. Jane Goodall: How Every Individual Can Make a Difference

Dr. Jane Goodall has spent her life trying to make sense of how living things share our planet. What do you think your personal responsibility is to the planet, to humans, and other animals? Watch the video below and then leave your thoughts in the Comment section.

37 thoughts on “Dr. Jane Goodall: How Every Individual Can Make a Difference

    1. Usually in the past, earth wasn’t great because of wars, if we stop wars and keep animals alive, then your mind is open and your heart is great.

  1. from Alex
    think she is really helpful caring and she cares about people and animals she is a hero and she is really nice and she is amazing

  2. I think to help Jane and The chimpanzees, we can convince people to stop cutting down trees and set up signs to tell people “No chopping down trees.”

  3. i would help my planet by growing more trees for the world and for my body getting healthier.I can also help the world by not littering and much more

  4. I think people should, NOT litter, NOT cut down trees, DO recycle, DO help nature, NOT pullout the air, DO use gas a little bit. AND THAT IS HOW YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD!

  5. I think I can make a differences by reclining and, helping the communicate.Like Jane said “if everyone does a little part we can make a big difference!😊

    From:Emma Yang😁
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  6. Just that video inspired me to try to get involved with roots and shoots and go bigger than I ever dreamed of.I think my personal response is to go small and get bigger in helping the world.

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