Where I’m From

      I’m from Sanford and Stacey, my parents who put all of their effort into taking care of me and my sisters. Who helps me through almost all the hard times that cross my path. Who makes sure I’m healthy and who loves me with all of their hearts

      I’m from ski races and going up against my dad in Jackson Hole. I always win but sometimes it’s just a little hard for him to admit that he lost against his own daughter. I don’t blame him.  It’s hard to admit that you lost against someone that is forty two years younger than you. I would never say it if I was in my dad’s position.

      I’m from South Beach where my family and I went every year for ten years, from when I was watching my mom freak out when a bird pooped on her shoulder to the first time I let the ocean water pass the level of my knees to the last time I stood on the warm sand as I watched the strong waves spank the sand as if it were for a punishment for misbehavior.

      But most of all I’m from my loving parents and my two best friends who are my sister Kate and Lily.

2 thoughts on “Where I’m From

  1. Hi Emma!
    Your writing was really good and interesting. I go to Miami every year which is close to South Beach. So I have been to South Beach before and it is really fun!

  2. Hi Emma,
    I liked how you mentioned your parents in the first paragraph and again in the last one. I have been to Jackson Hole to and loved it! I also have been to South Beach. I liked how you only talked about one time when made connections to the places. I also liked how you added humor to your text.

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