Unique Octopuses!!!

There are so many different types of octopus. They all can do different unique things. Some are the mimic octopus, the algae octopus, the hairy octopus, and the coconut octopus.

The coconut octopus gets its name from its habit of hiding in empty coconut shells. It doesn’t have to hide in a coconut shell, any big shell will do, even a conch. This octopuses body is about the size of your thumb and its arms are three times the length its body. When the octopus slides over the sand it turns a shade of dark gray.The octopus slides several of its arms over the sand. Then the octopus flips the shell back over and slides right back under the shell.

The algae octopus is able to make it self look like a piece of seaweed. The hairy octopus makes it self look fuzy and soft. When these octopus are on the floor and stay still, they are invisible

The mimic octopus is very good at changing shape. It can make it self look like a jelly fish by spreading its arms out. It can also bunch its arms together to make it look like a Lionfish, or it can stretch itself out to make it look like a sea snake.

Octopus have about 500 million neurons, which is a lot more than the pond snail, lobsters, a jumping spider, and more. Octopuses have no bones which helps them get in to small spaces. When octopuses see danger they squirt black ink and quickly go they other way. All octopuses are different and unique.



Our second Breakout!

This week our class had a second Breakout EDU. We wanted to see what we would do differently from last time. Last time we were all talking at once, this time instead of doing that we all listened to each other. We also did take things out of peoples hands. This time was much better because it was more calm and everybody listen when someone had something to say. Inside of the box there were crayon erasers, squishy eyeballs ( they were fake ), and glow in the dark bracelets instead of Hershey Kisses. This breakout was very fun!


Last week on Friday, my class and our computer teacher did Breakout EDU. We only had 45 minutes and  WE went across the hall from out classroom and then our computer teacher taught us how to play.

First we had to look all over the room for hints to find the codes for the for locks. The locks were on a box filled with candy. We looked under tables, behind posters, we even had to use a lack flashlight to find writing with invisible in on papers. The way we unlocked the fist lock was we had to change numbers into letters by what number the letter was in the alphabet. The word was glue so we all looked for a glue stick and once we found thee glue stick we found a little key to one of the locks. Then we unlocked the second lock. The third lock we had to use a black flashlight. There were five pieces of paper and in invisible ink and on each piece of paper there was a different letter. H U R S B. So we made a word out of that and we got brush. We picked a name of a cup so that we wouldn’t argue on who does it. The person who got picked picked a lock and put BRUSH. That’s how we got our third lock off. Eventually we got the third and fourth lock off.

When we unlocked the fifth lock we only had about ten minutes left. Charlotte had a great idea, but everybody was talking over her Her idea was to shine the black flashlight on pieces of paper that had numbers on them. When she put the light on the paper it said the order the numbers would go in. So on e them said first, another one said second, and so on. So once we made the number, we decided Charlotte would do the last lock because she thought of the idea.

I learned that for this activity you really have to work together and communicate. Bye!

Kayaking at the Scarsdale pool!

This Monday my class went to the Scarsdale pool to learn how to paddle and kayak. It was part of our P.E. class. Before we went we had to learn how to get into the boats, how to hold the paddle, and learn all the different strokes. The different strokes are forwards, reverse, sweep, break, and more. The first thing we did when we got to the pool was put our P.F.D. on. (Personal, Flotation, Device.)

There were lots of different boats to try. There was a stand up paddle, which was pretty easy, you just had to be able to balance. There was a Freestyle boat, a White Water Boat, a Touring boat which was really hard to turn unlike the Jackson boat which was super easy to turn. There was also a Recreational boat.

When you were in the Freestyle boat, or the White Water boat you could capsize. When you capsize you put your nose to your knees and rock yourself and then you will flip over. We could only do it in those boats because they have a plug. IT is easier to capsize in a boat that has a plug because the boat will fill up with water and when you take the plug out all the water will come out. Capsizing was defiantly one of my favorite parts because it was a really hot day and it felt good to get wet. When I was in the Jackson boat, since it turns really easily, when I was turning I accidentally capsized.

My favorite boat over all was the Jackson boat because it was really easy to turn and it went faster than the other ones. My least favorite boat would have to be the Touring boat because it was the hardest and took the longest.

Thank you for reading my post. Bye!

Are you a fan of Frankie and Fanucci’s?

Are you a fan of Frankie and Fanucci’s? Well, I am! This restaurant has the most delicious pizza. They serve so many different types like plain pizza, Margarita, Popeye, Spicy Sausage Caramelized Onion, Shroom, Amici, and so many more unique pizzas. They also serve mozzarella sticks, all different kinds of pasta, soup, meatballs, and a lot more yummy foods to eat. They are open Monday to Thursday  at 12:00 pm to 9:30 pm and Friday to Sunday at 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm. They have two locations. One in Mamaroneck and one in Hartsdale.

Frankie and Fanucci’s also have a delivery service where they can deliver your food to your house. They have brunches, lunches, and dinners. If you love Italian food this would be a great place for you. They have plenty of tables and that also take reservations.

Frankie and Fanucci’s is a really great restaurant and I really recommend going there if you haven’t already. Bye!

Soccer game

This past weekend my team had a State Cup game. The State Cup is where you play a bunch of different teams, but all the games are on different days. Once you play a couple of different games then there comes the knock out round. The knock out round is where if you loose you are out of the State Cup tournament. If you win the whole thing you get a big trophy. Last year my team got to the semi finals and then we lost 1-0, but this year on Saturday my team played in the Quarter finals and we lost 2-0. I think we played really well though. The game was all the way in Long Island, and we had to drive for an hour and a half. I almost scored in the first half, but a kicked the ball a bit to high and it went over the goal. We had a couple other opportunities to score, but the goalie saved the ball. Thank for reading, bye!


For Spring Break my family went to Miami, Florida. Each night we went to a different place for dinner. The first night we didn’t have the best dinner, but every night after that we had such great food. We went to a Steak House, we went for Greek dinner, and a lot more yummy places.

The Hotel was really great because it was right in Miami city and the is where all the shopping and restaurants were. At the Hotel there was a pool, a hot tub, and one day there was even a bouncy castle filled with bubbles. There was also a really nice beach. One day when I was in the pool I even saw my camp friend and we hung together. At the pool and beach they have food and drink service, so almost everyday for lunch we ordered food and drinks right to our beach or pool chairs. They have Caesar salads, Caesar salad wraps, chicken wings, and more.

The room that we stayed in was really great. There were two rooms so two of us slept in one room and the other two slept in the other room. We had a bathroom with really cool shower, and in one room there was even a mini bar. We also had a balcony and we had the prettiest view of the beach. While we were at Miami we had to send my dog Charlie to a dog sitter and I missed him so much.

Miami was a really fun and cool place and I really recommend going there. Bye!

Book Report: The Honest Truth

 The Honest Truth is about a boy named mark who has cancer. It is a realistic fiction book and it is by Dan Gemeinhart. When Mark was younger his grandpa had died and Mark had promised him that he would climb the mountain that his grandpa had always wanted to. The mountain is named Mount Rainier. When Mark started to feel sick again, he went to the doctor to get medical tests and the doctors found out the he had cancer all over again. Mark was very upset. Mark had remembered what he had promised and he started to pack for the mountains and of course he brought his dog Beau. Before Mark left, he left a note for his best friend Jesse. He was very smart and tricked the police by buying tickets for the train, but the buying tickets for the bus online and then going on the bus. On the way to the mountain he went through some very tough obstacles. In the first night some teenage guys beat him up and stole most of his money. On his second night it was very stormy and he had to find somewhere to sleep. He found a little island across a big stream. There was a long leading to the island. When he was almost across the long with his dog behind him, he slipped and fell into the black river. His dog jumped in to get him. When they finally got out of the water, Mark made a fire and they both tried to stay warm during the night. On the third day it was very stormy and he started to head to the mountain. While he was walking a truck pulled over and the guy in it told Mark and Beau to get in. Wesley was the guy that drove the truck. Wesley knew that Mark was the guy in the newspaper that ran away from home. Mark asked Wesley to bring to the mountain, but he said that Mark only had one hour before Wesley would call someone. When Mark was in the middle of the mountain there was a crevice. They had to jump over it, but Beau fell in. Eventually Mark got him out. Mark was getting so weak that he had to find somewhere to rest, so he laid down. Beau ran to get help, and then when Mark woke up next he was in the hospital with all his family and friends.

The main character in this book is Mark. Mark is very complex because he is sneaky and smart. He is sneaky because when he first left he knew the police would ask the man working at the ticket both what tickets he brought, so he bought tickets for the train and then also buying tickets for the bus online and then going on the bus. Then the police thought he went on the train. He is also sneaky because when he went in the train for the second time he didn’t buy tickets, he just went in and tried to be unnoticed. He is smart because he knew that dogs weren’t allowed on buses so he put Beau in a duffle bag and no one noticed that he had a dog. He is also smart because when Wesley asked him how far he would go up the mountain, Mark said just a little, so Wesley would let him go.

The life lesson in this book is that you should follow your dreams. I think this because Mark’s dream was that he would climb that mountain for his grandpa.  The weather went with the story because when Mark was out in the mountain and back at home the parents were very worried, it was stormy. That shows that it was a very sad and scary time. The problem in this book is that Mark had cancer and no one thought that he could do anything, but he could. I really like this book and at some points it made me really sad. I think everyone should read this book. Bye!

Introducing Charlie!

Hey guys, I have some very exciting news! On January 14 my family got a new addition to the family.  A new puppy! He is a Mini Labradoodle. His name is Charlie and he is adorable! My sister and I have been begging for a dog and now we finally have one! He is 16 pounds. We got him at Gleneden.com. They have such cute puppies. Charlie got delivered straight to our house because we didn’t want to drive all the way to Virginia! He got a lot bigger since we got him, and he is an apricot color.  When we got him we had to get a crate, toys, food supplies, and more. Charlie has now become part of the family and I am so happy to have him. Do any of you have a dog? Thanks for reading, Bye!

The best restaurant ever!

Hello, fans of Chat! Chat is a very casual restaurant and the food is amazing! They have so many different options on the menu like sliders, angle-hair pasta, Caesar salad, calamari, baby-back ribs, mac & cheese and so many more yummy foods to eat. They also have the best desserts ever! They also offer free parking after 6 pm.

They have indoor and outdoor seating and the food is not that expensive. The theme color of this restaurant is red/maroon and they even have TV’s! This restaurant does take reservations which is great and right after they seat you, they give you bread and butter. I would rate this restaurant a four because it is a bit noisy. It smells like yummy food and they have lots of space. I would recommend this restaurant because they have good food for kids and adults. They do brunch, lunches, dinners, and small parties.

At Chat, it does not take a long time for the waiter to bring your food. First, they ask for the drink you want and then take appetizers or your main course. The service is very good and they prepare the food very well. To drink you can have water, lemonade, Shirley Temple, Sprite, Coke, and more. The waiters are very polite because if you don’t know what a dish is, they will explain to you what it is. Chat is a very good restaurant and you should visit it sometime soon!