Ignite: My cooking class in italy

In class we did a project called ignite. We each choose a topic that was a story. There were no rules except that your whole presentation can only be 9o seconds and each slide can only be 15 seconds. For my topic I choose to do my cooking class in Italy. Here is my presentation. […]

My third coding project

For this one it is a project on tynker. In this game the is a cat and the is an animal on top of a lot of bricks and when the cat hits the bricks the animal on top fall and you have to position the cat so the bricks will be in a position […]

My second coding project

For my second project I made a game on scratch this is going to be my only scratch project. In this game you don’t wan’t to let the ball touch the ground and you stop t my moving the paddle to wherever the ball is. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for playing my game. Hope you […]

My debate on Plastic Bags

In class we have been doing a unit of debates. We were split up in to groups and every group got a topic. My group was Aidan, Ayyan, and Ben, and our topic was, “Should we ban Plastic Bags,” me and Ben were on the side that we should not ban Plastic Bags. We first […]

First tynker project

When I started this project¬†I was scared because I am not so good at coding but I hate using tutorials. I started with making a lot of different creations but most of them didn’t work. I finally came up with a good one and got it done. Tynker is a online website that can be […]

Reflecting on Rube Goldberg

When we were first given the assignment we thought that it wouldn’t be so hard but it was. We first met and couldn’t come up with anything. We had to steps which we didn’t end up using and we could¬†barely find an idea. We came up with one and we stuck with it. We tried […]

Making the Video

When we started making our video we first had to decide if we were going to use WeVideo or I movie. We instantly decided that we were going to use I movie. We choose I movie because we didn’t have much experience with WeVideo and Karine knew how to use I movie. We had a […]

Fifth Rube Goldberg Meeting

On Tuesday we met for the fifth time. We met at my house again and tried it out. We tried it multiple times and by the fourth try, we knew we had to change something. The Dominoes were not hitting each other and the toilet paper was going off the track. We had a big […]

4th Rube Goldberg Meeting

On Monday we met for the fourth time. We tried the whole thing for the first time. We had a little trouble with the toilet paper hitting the tennis ball and the tennis ball hit the marble. We eventually got one side set up. On the other side we had a problem with the dominoes. […]