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Temperate Forest


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This presentation is about a Temperate forest. You will be learning about Producers, Consumers, Where it is located, Unique facts, Human impact, and Decomposers. Enjoy.


There are different types of producers in a Temperate Forest. Trees are the main producer in a temperate forest. Many animals like Moose, Squirrels, Deer, Bunnies, etc. Eat plants Temperate forests have layers, the bottom layer is the ground cover it is is made up of different grasses and mosses. The next layer in the temperate forest is the layer of shrubs, a bush in an example of a shrub. The next layer is the subcanopy it is made of short trees. The tallest layer of the temperate forest is the canopy. The canopy is made of big trees, such as redwoods. In a Temperate forest the leaves fall off the trees in winter, in the fall leaves turn colors like red, orange and yellow. Evergreen trees are very special. There leafs stay on the tree the whole year.


Animals, or consumers eat the producers they are called herbivores. Some animals eat each other they are called carnivores. Some herbivores are Skunks, Beavers, and Bunnies. Some carnivores are Red Foxes, Wolves, and Bears. Animals are the main thing in the food web they eat the plants and eat other animals.


The Temperate forest is located near north and south poles. They are not near the equator. They are mixed of hot and cold weather. Places in europe and North America have a lot of Temperate Forests I live near a Temperate Forest.


Some animals Hibernate in the Winter. Bats sleep upside down. Squirrels store tons of acorns in there home for winter and and ants store food scraps before winter.


Humans are impacting Temperate forests for lumber, they cut down trees which are homes to some birds. We are ruining habitats for innocent animals every day. When we cut down trees we are starting global warming. Global warming is ruining the homes for Polar Bears. Humans are littering and trash gets in water and plants. The animals eat the plants and die. We can help in many ways. We can pick up trash that is lying around. We can help by recycling. Try to convince workers to stop cutting down the trees. You should say “Imagine if someone came and destroyed your home.” They will think and realize how they have wronged these animals.


Decomposers have one of the most important roles in a Temperate forest food chain. They break up the dead animals and give nutrients to plants. Some decomposers are Worms, Fungi, and bacteria. And ecosystem would be smelly and dirty. There would be dead animals everywhere.


The Temperate forest is a quiet peaceful world I am grateful to be living near one. All the leaves and animals are amazing. I hope you liked my presentation.



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  1. nbarry25

    Eli, that presentation was amazing! I loved how you listed all of the things of all of the producers decoposers and ect, I also like how you made a link to your food web I thought your presentation was amazing.

  2. aworman25

    I like how you listed the different types of layers from ground cover to sub canopy and Canopy. I also like how you told us it is close to the north and south poles.

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