no smoking

Do you want people to stop smoking? I do. People should shut down tobacco factories because tobacco is the worst things in cigarretts and cigars . You can get cancer and die. People are addicted . people are addicted to cigars or cigarettes. If more people smoke more people can die. Some of them could be your loved ones. In stores people should not have cigarrettes or cigars. Even lighters because lighters light them. Go to the truth – #Finish IT or kids TELL YOUR FRIENDS NO MORE SMOKING/!!! PROTEST NOW!!!! Stop smoking it is for your lives. We get hurt you can get even more hurt. STOP NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have healthy lungs not unhealthy.

4 thoughts on “no smoking

  1. I really like your writing about no smoking and I think we shouldn’t smoke too. The only is that I think you should watch your grammar. After all, it was very good. P.S. I like your photo for your backround.

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