Koko’s Kitten by 2H and 2O

Recently, two Second Grade classes, Ms. Higgins and Ms. Onofri, read Koko’s Kitten by Dr. Francine Patterson. 

To extend the experiences and add a technology component we decided to let both classes work in layered partnerships to create their own reflections on Koko’s Kitten as a group book. Students worked in teams of two to create a “page” of this new book. Both classes came to the lab simultaneously and each student partnership worked on a single computer, using a single Google Slide. Once each student partnership was finished with their page they were all printed out and the class partnership built an amazing bulletin board to showcase this collaborative reflection on Koko’s Kitten.
The board looks amazing…



Both Ms. Higgins and Ms. Onofri did amazing work to bring their classes together to create this broad reflection. To have both classes in the lab, at the same time, with students working in teams truly embodied what it means to be collaborative and reflective. Kudos to both teachers and all the students for their amazing work!
Be sure to check out the book on the wall outside the Main Office.

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