Open House 2016!

Welcome parents!

For the 2016 Open House all of the Specials teachers presented in the Auditorium. We borrowed a page from the Ignite style of presentations. Ignite presentations are 5 minutes long with slide that move every 15 seconds. We adjusted the format a bit to 3 minutes per teacher to ensure all our presentations were concise and engaging.


We had a lot of fun doing it, even if it might have been a nervewracking as none of us have ever attempted something of this format.

Big thanks to all the parents who attended two sessions.


Below is the full presentation from all the Specials as well as an annotated version of the Technology portion. I addition, the contact details for all Specials are at the bottom of the page…

The entire presentation from the Specials Teachers:


This is the annotated overview of technology here at Heathcote. This presentation includes the talking point covered during the presentation…


All of the Specials teachers had fun at Open House and we are appreciative of the warm reception from everyone who attended our talk.

Reach out to any of us at any time:


Looking forward to another great year!


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