Adding Persuasive Videos to a Shared Folder – 3rd Grade

3rd graders,

this is a follow-up to the live lesson we did together. Your teachers will also review this again in class.

You will have a folder in Shared with me called Persuasive 3D, Persuasive 3L, or Persuasive 3M. This depends on class, you will only see the folder for your class. To add your video to your class folder…

  • Click on your video on your Screencastify folder
    • make sure it is named properly
  • use the 3-dot menu to rename as needed
  • Use the 3-dot menu to click on Move
  • Then choose Shared with me
  • Then Persuasive -3
  • Then click Move here

Here is a video reminder of how to do it all…

Once it’s done we’ll talk more about publishing and sharing your work

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