5th Grade – Constitution Projects – Adding to Your Blog

5th graders,

Now that you are done with your Constitution Projects, it is time to add them to your blogs.

If you made a video and added it to the shared folder, I will put it on YouTube. If you did an infographic you can add that as an image file directly to your blog. Directions for both, as well as links to the class playlists on YouTube are below…

Here are the steps for adding a YouTube video to your blog:

  • Write your post.
  • Go to YouTube and search for HeathcoteTech
  • Find your playlist
  • Find your video in the playlist.
  • Click the “Share” icon
  • Copy the link
  • Paste it where you want it in your blog post…

Here are the YouTube Playlists…

5C – Constitution Projects

5E – Constitution Projects

5Re – Constitution Projects

5R0 – Constitution Projects


If you made an infographic and want to add that to your blog…

Save your Google Drawing as a .png file

File -> Download as -> PNG


  • Go to your blog
  • Write your post
  • Click Add Media
  • Click Upload Files
  • Click Select Files
  • Click on the file you want
  • either from your Downloads folder or from a folder in Drive (if you are on your Chromebook)
    • Once it loads to your Media Library, click Insert into Post in the bottom right corner
  • Then move and resize as needed…

Let me know if you have any questions.

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