CapCon! 2021 – a primer

5th graders,

This post has a breakdown of everything you’ll need to get started with your Capstone project.

This is the Project Requirements poster that has already been shared with you. This image is not clickable, but the original PDF is in your Drive and is clickable.

Script Templates

when you click the links below you will be asked to make a copy. Create a copy and add it to your Capstone folder in your Drive

Ignite Script Template

TED Talk Script Template

WeVideo Script Template


Make sure to watch examples from the previous CapCon! events. This year Ignite and TED talks will be done in school, live, in front of a small audience of classmates. We’ll record them and post them to YouTube for adding to the CapCon! page as well as for you to use on your blog post. WeVideo documentaries will be added to the class folder as explained in the Project Guidelines document.


Previous CapCon! events

2016 – YouTube playlist

2017 – YouTube playlist

2018 – YouTube playlist

2019 – YouTube playlist

2020 – HeathcoteGateway page, with a YouTube playlist – 2020 was a virtual event


2021 will be recorded in school but the “live” event for the parents will be a HeathcoteGateway page like last year.

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