Toy Theater 2.0 – Part II

Toy Theater is over!

It was a wild ride. This was a brand new project based on an existing unit of study, but done differently.

Students looked at various events from the American Revolution; Boston Massacre, Declaration of Independence, from various perspectives. The research and project wasn’t just a straight rehash of data but rather the students looked at how the British and Colonists looked at, and approach, these events. They focused on how each side perceived and reflected on the different shared experiences. The students then turned this knowledge into plays; where the students created scripts, backgrounds, and puppets. All to tell the story from each side, from the various perspectives.

Once the scripts and puppets were created they filmed in front of a green screen and used WeVideo to add the backgrounds, add titles, re-record narration as needed, and put on any finishing touches.

And in the middle of this a lot happened…

3 of the 4 teachers involved got Covid. Many students were absent for Covid and other illnesses, and just as we thought we might be getting into a smooth rhythm, a tree fell on the 4th grade wing and all the classes had to relocate… one class twice and one class to the other side of the building to the Kindergarten wing. Many trials and tribulations throughout this project. But everyone persevered and we go them all finished!

As you watch these movies keep a few things in mind, and these things are what we said to the students repeatedly, what we wanted to reinforce

  • No one had ever done this project before, we had no prior examples to refer too and no prior experience to learn from
  • These students are pioneers, all 4th graders from here out, including teachers will learn from this experience
  • Covid and trees falling on classrooms didn’t stop us
  • They all created something amazing, in groups, when group work wasn’t easy
  • Every 4th grader should be proud of the work they put in, the obstacles they overcame, and the fact that they have set the groundwork for future classes to build and improve on what they did.

Enjoy the videos:



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