4th Grade – Manahatta to Manhattan

4th graders,

This blog post is the kickoff to the social studies unit project: Manhatta to Manhattan.

Use the resources below to explore, research, take notes, reference, and so forth.

Begin with OASIS map:


This map allows you to turn on and off layers. The biggest benefit is you can turn on a layer that represents the original 1609 Manhattan shoreline (and you can see how different it is from today!) Turn off/uncheck all layers except fo the Historical Land Use Lenape options. Use the year-by-year guide in the lop left corner to see how the historical Lenape use compares to different eras in modern times.

Welikia Project

The Welikia Project map is another good resource.

Use the Welikia Map to see Manahatta as compared to modern area around it. You can click on sections of Manahatta to activate pop-ups with more details about how the land is ued today, how the Lenape used the land, and more.

You can watch the 2009 TED talk by Eric Sanderson, the creator of the Welikia and OASIS maps.

You can also read an article about the Manahatta Project published in the New Yorker magazine in 2007.

New York Waterfront

This is a documentary produced by the NYC.gov Secrets of New York program about the New York City waterfront and how it was changed since the arrival of Henry Hudson and other explorers.


More resources to come in a follow-up blog post…

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