Digital Citizenship Resources for Parents – 3-5

October 16-20 is Digital Citizenship Week.

At Heathcote we talk about digital citizenship, and digital leadership, across all lessons and projects. We discuss such things as keeping passwords private, limiting identifiable information, making thoughtful decisions online, being purposeful about looking for the good (and not the garbage) and much more. We weave all these concepts into every lessons, at grade/age appropriate ways. This post is a list of resources to extend these concepts at home.

Common Sense Media has shared a number is great resources for parents to help extend the lessons of digital citizenship at home. Below are the Common Sense Media resources to assist with the conversation at home…

Family Activities

Common Sense Media also has a great Family Media Agreement which is a great way to talk about at-home use and expectations.

Digital Citizenship Games

Hopefully these resources can help guide you with at-home conversations around digital citizenship and digital life.

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