Technology Post #2

This week we started our first project!

We are making automatas. Our automtas will have something on top of our cardboard box doing some sort of motion/action. Inside the box the cams and followers will be moving from the axel you turn from outside the box.

I am making an automata that has a magician’s hat 🎩 and when you turn the axel a bunny 🐰 appears and disappears.

To make all this we are using the app Vectornator, which allows you to create stuff in vector (won’t get pixelated when you zoom in). Once we designed our cam and follower on Vectornator, we will you a laser cutter to cut our design out on the cardboard.


Example of automata.
Laser cutter.
Cam on Vectornator.
Follower on Vectornator.

Loving this project so far! Can’t wait for the finished product!

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