Hello Amazing World, I am Back


Hello world! It’s Lena here, and now I am 9 and in 4th grade. I go to Fox Meadow Elementary School. My favorite animal is a dolphin. I live in Scarsdale with my family. My family includes my Mom, Dad, Alex (my 19 year old brother who goes to University Of Wisconsin), Mira (my 7 year old sister) and Me, Lena.


In my spare time I like to draw, swim competitively, do cartwheels around the house, play sports ( especially basketball) dance at central park dance and sometimes play Prodigy. I also love Frankie & Fanucci’s pizza.


Camp is one one of the greatest memories of my life. This summer I went to Crane Lake Camp in the Berkshires for the first time. I met tons of new people who I love and never would have known them if I had not gone to Crane Lake Camp. Some of my closest friends that I met there are Haiden, Julia, Serena (my bunkmate) Rosa, Pipper, Sami and Jane.


I am really looking forward to seeing my family over winter break.I am going on a Norweigian Cruise with my nuclear family, cousins, Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents.


I hope you like my post! Or do you?


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