March 17

Why We Give

Sometimes when we give to others, we receive even more in return. Watch this video. Try not to cry, then think of a time when you did a good deed or made a sacrifice for the benefit of someone else. Briefly write about this time. Try not to cry.

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23 thoughts on “Why We Give

  1. pflaster25

    When I was in New York City. I myself had 5 dollars and I wanted to give it to this guy on the street because it looked like he did not have much.

  2. kgandhi25

    I remember I was at my house and it snowed like 2+ feet, and at 5:00 the second time we were out shoveling, we all got very tired and there was still a patch of snow 1 foot tall, and was like 6×7
    but our neighbors dad came over with a snow blower and helped us shovel.

  3. ahandel25

    When I went skiing with Phoebe. She was a little scared at first but I stayed with her. By the end of the ski trip she was basically as good as I am.

  4. htokiyoshi25

    I remember when I was just finishing up my food, my brother already ate his food and was still hungry. I knew that my brother would be happy for me to give my leftover chocolate, but I really wanted my share, and I couldn’t decide. When my brother finished all of his food, I gave my chocolate to him because I felt he deserved it by a hard first day at school.

  5. clombaerde25

    Once, in France, my mom gave me my first 1 euro coin. The same day, we went out and I saw a homeless woman. I gave her my 1 euro coin. Another time, here, at a restaurant, there was a box that was asking for money for kids that had a sickness. I put one of my dollar bills in. It was only $1.

  6. ecrane25

    The man in the commercial is just amazing… giving that much away for others even though he has very little is so nice and when you give to others they give you something in return like happiness or when he is lonely the dog gave him company. You get stuff in return for being nice.

  7. mirfan25

    When we give others we can get happiness but you have to think that should I give or should I keep it for myself. Only kind people with good hearts would give other people their own things to help them just like the man helped the girl to get to school.

  8. nmcmahon25

    One day, I went to Target with my family. On the top level, there is always a plastic dog for blind people sitting there. People put coins for the blind inside the slot on top of the dogs head. That day, I remembered the dog and decided to bring some coins of my own. When we reached the top level, I carefully dropped the coins in. I knew it wouldn’t be much but it was something, and I feel proud of it to this very day.

  9. mblackley

    Once when I was driving along in the remote, hilly, countryside, in England, I passed a car at the side of the road. Something seemed odd but I didn’t really think about it, I kept driving. I drove slower and slower as the image stayed in my mind, and then I turned around and went back. What I had realized was that the vehicle was one designed for someone with serious physical disabilities, someone who had limited use of their legs. “What would they be doing out in a remote part of the countryside?” I thought.
    I approached the car and saw a man inside. “Is everything okay? Can I help you?” I asked. He was so pleased to see me. His car had broken down, and he had no phone, and no way to get help. He couldn’t walk; his car was adapted to be driven by hands only.
    “If you could call my sister,” he said, “she’ll get it all organized.” So I did.
    I was pleased to help. I realize that eventually someone else would have stopped to help him so my help wasn’t life-changing, but at least he was rescued sooner because of me.

  10. ccornelissen25

    I remember when I was in Italy and I had money and was about to buy ice cream but I saw a child and a mother on the sidewalk with no money. I thought, do I get ice cream, or help a family? I want to help a family so I asked my mom if I could give them money and she said yes. I gave it to them and after that, I was happy that I could help a poor family

    1. pflaster25

      Casper you were really nice because I probably would not have done that plus ice cream is really good.

  11. aliu25

    Once in my life I had to sacrifice my time just to help my brother carry a giant box down the stairs and I was doing my mom’s really hard math homework she gave me. If I didn’t finish it when my mom came home, she would kill me.

  12. loades25

    I made a good deed when I went to Monument Mountain with some friends I led the way told them where to be careful.

  13. sliu25

    Once, I used my own money to buy books, but I got change, so I gave it to one of my friends who didn’t have enough money to buy things. I regreted it at first because I didn’t have any more money, but after a while, I felt happy that I let my friend buy something as well.

  14. aliu25

    Once in my life I had to sacrifice my time just to help my brother carry a giant box down the stairs and I was doing my mom’s really hard math homework she gave me. If I didn’t finish it when my mom came home, she would be really mad at me.

  15. atang25

    When you give others what they need, you feel good emotions inside your body. You can sacrifice your helpful things and help others, or you can keep them yourself. If you give other people you feel good inside your body.

  16. atakamuro25

    I remember when I gave a homeless person some dollars and she was really happy because I was the first person to give her money.

  17. cbartalos25

    I remember that my friend once told me that her mom found a cat on on the sidewalk or street. And then she took the cat in because it had no home. My friend also told me that she did that for one or two other cats.

  18. jfernandez25

    This video reminds me of the time when my mom and I gave money to a homeless person. Just like in the video we made a choice either keep our money or give to some else who needs it more. This video reminds us that our choices can help others that is something we need more of.

  19. tlerner25

    I remember when my baby sitter ( my best friend) daughter had a baby and she had to leave New York and go down to Florida. But she had a lot in new York ,house, daughter, grandchildren (me). But she went down anyway and her daughter decided that she didn’t need her but ALL her stuff was already down there. So she had to pack up ALL of her stuff and move to Georgia with her other daughter. And I don’t think that was fair and I think that is a sacrifice she had to make by the way her name is Monia.

  20. etsou25

    I remember when I was in Italy and there was this women sitting on the floor with a plastic cup and a picture with her husband and children. I had 5 euros in my pocket. I found them on the floor, I reached into my pocket and I took out my pocket. The women’s face was all wrinkly and one of her eyes was smaller than the other. I put it into the cup, the women couldn’t even say thank you. It sounded like, zank yoo.

  21. ksasaki25

    I remember a time when I gave up my money to buy a Lego set for my brother for Christmas. When he opened it he was happy and built it right away. It made me feel happy because I gave something to somebody with my own money.

  22. nmazza25

    Once in Illinois me and my dad went to a grocery store when we left we saw a homeless old man and old woman near the exit. The old man had a sign saying: ‘Need money for lunch’ and my dad said, “Do you want to give that old man money?”
    “Yes” I said.
    So my dad gave me two ten dollar bills to give to the old man and old woman.
    I gave it to them, “Thank you!” the old man said.


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