May 13

My Initial Thoughts…

I think having this online is cool but also kind of scary. I want to use this but I’m pretty sure I can’t ¬†blog about work if I’m not told to post things. I do prefer pencil and paper when it comes to writing. I’m ¬†shore that I’m going to use this a lot. I unfortunately can only do things approved by my teacher so I will not have a lot of posts on this blog but some. I also want to complement my computer teacher for letting me use this blog. I have not used this type of blog before so I am new to this.

This blog is really cool because now people know I exist. My friends also have accounts like this but for most of them it’s not new because they have things like twitter. I am really exited to do this because it seems really fun. Now everyone I know can see this

This is kind of scary because anyone can see this and people might not like it so I have to be really careful about publishing posts. I also don’t want people to post mean things about me.

May 13

My Passion

My passion is to ski. I could ski all day if I wanted to. Learning to ski can be tricky but is fun. All you need is two skis, two ski boots and snow two ski on. You can ski all day. I love to ski and there are lots of tricks to learn. Skiing can be fun but also dangerous, that’s way there are ski levels; green-circle, blue-square, black-diamond etc. here is an image of these:

May 13

Colonial Day

Colonial day was very fun. When we went to the tinsmith and it was cool to see what came out after i was finished. Dame school was interesting because on the spelling bee because boys got hard words like Philadelphia and girls got words like “I”. Lunch was amazing there were so many good foods.

May 13

My First Free Write

Soccer is a sport were a team works together to win the game. There are many rules in soccer but the only way to win a game is to score more goals than the other team. The least amount of players you need to have a game is two people. Soccer is the most popular game in the world. You don’t need a goal to play all you need is two items to represent two posts. A game can last for as long as you want. A team is often helpful wile playing a game. There are thousands of things to learn about soccer.