Rube Goldberg drawing #2

For our Rube Goldberg, of course, we need some sort of plan. My class was asked to make drawings. This was quite a challenge for my group because we found that it was easier to actually be touching the objects and test out if they are going to work in our course before we permanently keep it.  We felt with the drawing that after we hand it in then we will have to stick to that plan and go with it. We felt a lot more comfortable testing the steps before we permanently added it to our course. It also takes less time because we won’t have to deal with changing things constantly. What we decided on doing is making the course first and then drawing it out. Obviously, we won’t be able to build the whole course before we have to hand in our drawings, but we thought ahead of that and got some new supplies and ideas that will most likely work. When we are drawing out those ideas we will be logical in our decision makings.

This is our drawing right now. As you can see, it is not yet done because my group and I haven’t had time to talk about what we are adding yet.

So that was my group and I’s drawing process.

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