Our takes (Rube Goldberg)

Once my group, Rebekah, Lexi and I were finally finished setting up the project we were ready to start filming our takes. We first, had to make a  mini schedule to keep things organized. Our first take was not that successful because the mini metal ball got stuck in the clear tube. This step is important because this is the first step and the first step is what starts the whole project. We think this happened because the clear tube was not levitated enough. This happened the first couple times. FAST FORWARD TO 10TH TRY,  the tenth try almost worked because the step where Thomas the Train goes down train tracks and hits the Jenga blocks almost worked!  What happened was when the rubber ball hit the train,  the train only went halfway down the train tracks.  We think what caused this to happen was when the tiny metal ball hit the rubber ball,  it didn’t give it enough force to hit hard enough for the train to hit the Jenga Blocks. FAST FORWARD TO TAKE 19, basically, what happened in Take 19 is the rubber ball hits the train, and then the train goes down the train tracks successfully and hits the Jenga Blocks. The bad thing that happened was when the Jenga Blocks got hit, they stopped falling halfway through.   FAST FORWARD TO TAKE 23. Take 23 was probably the most exciting, but yet most disappointing. The reason it was exciting was that the steps all worked and it went all the way through the process without any problems. The reason it was disappointing was that when the step with the orange falling down a ramp was supposed to hit the stamp, it missed it. Take 23 was the last and most successful take that we could do today. Overall, I learned that sometimes, best IS last. I think this because even though we didn’t get it to, work and we didn’t finish, it was a good ending of our day and the best take that we had so far.

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