Tech post #3 The jewelry piece

Dear Mr. Calvert,

Hello, for this weeks blog post I will be talking about the jewelry piece. I chose to make this piece for my mom. On the brainstorming sheet I came across many ideas like, a tennis ball, a wave, a heart, and many more! But in the end, I decided to go with a fish. I had a couple of details on the fish like a fin, and I gave it a nice smile! Then, I made my jewelry frame, the first one that I made, was not very good, but by the second and third time, I really got the hang of it. I definitely could have made it even better and done it a couple of more times, but I felt satisfied with my result and chose to go with my third one. After that, I had to put the details on my frame and I am currently still on that step. I will have another blog post very soon continuing about the jewelry piece when I am completely finished with it!


From, Martin Mihaylov

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