4th Grade

Probably the most anticipated thing of 4th grade was the New York State Test, but I will talk about that later. The most fun thing in 4th grade was studying the american revolution and making a picture book about it. The Kayak trip was also fun. I think the state test wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Overall I think this was a great year and my teacher Ms. Assatly was the best.     

National Donut Day

Fridays are always the best days of the week. But Friday June 1 will be even better. It’s National donut day. Which means you have to consume one or maybe if your extra hungry a dozen donuts. This holiday was created by the salvation army to raise funds for the needy. Some donut manufacturers give discounted or free donuts on National donut day. In case you are not able to get a donut this Friday, November 5 is also National Donut day and on September 14 (my birthday) is National Cream Filled Donut day. Although donuts are very American treats, similar treats are in different countries.

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Fortnite: Battle Royale Becomes The Undisputed King Of Games!

                                      Fortnite: Battle Royale Becomes The Undisputed King Of Games!


       Article: Fortnite: Battle Royale Becomes The Undisputed King Of Games!

      Source: Dogo News

     Date: April 27

     By: Diane Christiansen


Picture From DOGONews

If your a gamer or atleast on the internet you’ve most likely heard of Fortnite Battle Royal. It now has over 45 million users, and it hasn’t even been released in China where some of the biggest gamers live!

The Beta version of Fortnite: Save the World was released in July of 2017. This mode requires four people and they have to survive a zombie apocalypse using materials to build forts, and weapons to kill the zombies, but when they saw PUBG or PlayersUnknown Battlegrounds success Epic Games decided to release a battle royale mode but they did not stop there Epic Games made Fortnite battle royale free and added it on Mobile, Xbox, and Playstation!

Fortnite is very easy to understand. Epic Games made the Fortnite battle royale graphics cartoon-ish rather than making it realistic and bloody. Making more acceptable to parents.

Fortnite Battle Royale Requires 100 people. Your goal is to survive on an island where there is a big storm and if you are in it, you die, you get to that island by jumping of the battle bus, a flying bus. You jump off with only a pickaxe. When you land, there are many structures where you can find loot like materials and guns. When the amount of players gets smaller the storm eye does too, which forces people to fight in the end of the game. There are many different modes within Fortnite battle royale these include Squads where you play fortnite battle royale with three people other than yourself, duos where you play with one person other than yourself, and solo were you play against 99 other people.

Although Fortnite battle royale is free there are many in game purchases. Using V-Bucks which is the virtual currency in Fortnite battle royale, you can buy different skins for yourself and for your pickaxe, you can even buy dances. Although these skins don’t give you any in game advantages Epic Games astonishingly made $126 million in February!


Image result for fortnite skins tomato head holding pickaxe

Picture from GameRevolution

Will Fortnite’s popularity last or will it fall just as quickly as it rises? Comment what you think!

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Japanese Man Sets New Guinness Record For Spinning World’s Largest Hula Hoop

Article: Japanese Man Sets New Guinness Record For Spinning World’s Largest Hula Hoop

Date: March 18 2017

By: Meera Dolasia


On November 9, 2017, Yuya Yamada, also known as Hoop Man Yu Ya set a guinness world record for hula hooping, the biggest hula hoop. Hoop Man Yu Ya effortlessly spun a 5.14 meter or 16 foot aluminum hula hoop that was customly made for him. Yamada was able to complete 6 full rotations! Yuya completed this feat by running back and forth inside the hula hoop! He was very relieved that he got the record and said that he was nervous at first.

That proves that even if your nervous about something you should still do it because you have a chance in achieving whatever it is.

Tweet: Yuya Yamada also known as Hoop Man Yu Ya sets world record for Spinning the world’s largest hula hoop! He effortlessly spun a 5.14 meter hula hoop! #FoxMeadowPride @DogoNews

Why Julian Is The Most Important Person In My Life

Many people fight with their siblings more than they get along with them, but for me and Julian it’s the other way around. Julian is the most important person in my life because he’s always helping me, we’re always together, and he makes me happy.

Julian always helps me. One day I needed help with my homework. I asked my sisters for help, but “they were too busy” even though they were on there phone but, then Julian asked if he could help me. I started to tell Julian what I had to do and he helped me understand. Another time, I was running across my backyard when I tripped. It felt as if I had twisted my ankle. Luckily, Julian was there. he rushed into my house and got my mom. They both came out with worried faces and helped me get up. Julian is always helping me – sometimes with homework, other times when I’m hurt, but the most important thing is that he is always trying to help me.

The second reason that Julian is the most important person in my life is because we are always together. We don’t like to be separated. In preschool we cried and cried when we learned twins had to be separated in kindergarten. We do all our activities together, and can’t wait till the end of school so we can play with each other. Once, I was lying on the couch eagerly waiting for Julian  to come home from school. I had the flu and hoped seeing Julian would cheer me up . The time read 3:13 pm and I knew Julian would be home at around 3:15 pm, so I waited a little bit more and it was 3:17. I started to wonder if he was ever coming home when I heard quick footsteps getting louder and louder. It was Julian! He ran over to me and gave me a hug, “Are you okay?” he asked. I nodded and hugged him back.

The last and most important reason that Julian is the most important person in my life is because he makes me happy. One day the grass outside was covered with snow. My sisters were asleep and were probably not going to wake up any time soon, I was bored, VERY bored. Then I heard the door upstairs open “Who’s there?” I said.

“It’s me, Julian. What are you doing?”

“Nothing, I’m really bored.”

“Do you want to go outside?” he asked.

“YEAH!” I said a little too loud.

So we slipped on our boots and crept into the snow I heard a satisfying crunch and walked into the snowy wonderland. Another time me and my parents got into a fight. I was pretty angry at them so I went into my room. I stayed there for a while until I called for Julian.

“COMING!” he screamed from downstairs. When he opened the door and I saw him, I didn’t feel nearly as bad. Me and Julian always play together, Julian and I always make eachother laugh, me and Julian are always having fun.

You should realize that you don’t have forever with your siblings. You should make the best of the time you have with them. Try to get along with them as much as possible, even if that might sound like an impossible task it’s worth a try.



Meet Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest person

Article: Meet Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest person, by Hannah Shariff

Date: March 4 2018

News type: World


            Jeff Bezos is currently the richest man alive. On January 8, 2018 Amazon’s founder and CEO Jeff Bezos who owns 17% percent of the company surpassed Bill Gates and became the richest man in the world! Jeff Bezos’s net worth is $125 billion!

            His amazing adventure started in1994 when he left is easy job and started Amazon. At first Amazon was an online book store but then it became a store for everything. In 2005 Jeff Bezos realized that buyers wanted their orders fast without extra payment so he cleverly invented Amazon prime if you bought the $99 membership you would get free shipping and 2 day delivery for most items.

            The ordinary lifestyle for Jeff Bezos is surprisingly a pretty normal life. He insists on 8 hours of sleep and eating breakfast with his family. He also does the dishes after dinner every night!

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Tweet: Jeff Bezos is now the richest man in the richest man in the world surpassing Bill gates! He’s a pretty normal person he even does the dishes every night! #FoxMeadowPride @DogoNews -NRB



Finish It (number 4) sort of . . .

Okay so you noticed in the title it was a little bit fishy -it said Finish It (number 4) sort of . . .- I said sort of . . . that’s because today i’m not going to do a normal finish it! In this one i’ll be finishing your stories!! You comment the beginning of a story and i’ll reply the end of it! (please start a story I would love to finish it!)

Nonfiction Reading Unit

Hi guys. For the past two months, my class was doing a nonfiction weather reading unit. We worked with 4B and were assigned to groups made out of my class (4A) and Ms.Bergers class (4B). As a group, Mr.DeBerry taught us many things including how to summarize nonfiction text, identifying text structures, finding trustworthy sites, how nonfiction books are organized, and more. We used charts to help us. For example, we might make a chart on bad summaries and good summaries. Each day we got better and better at reading nonfiction text. I definitely got better at nonfiction reading. I hope that as time goes on I will like to read nonfiction a lot more.


The hardest part of our weather research was that it was hard to work as a team. We had a few conflicts as a group where people were arguing and deleting slides. But we worked well together. Normally I prefer to work alone rather than working as a team but I had a really fun time working with my group. I don’t think I would ever be able to achieve all the work we did by myself.


First, we had one topic mine was Hurricanes. We had to research a lot about that topic. Then we made a google slide about it and presented it in front of 4A and 4B. After that the next step was switching our topic, so the topic I got was tornadoes. Then we repeated the process we did before. 

Here’s my slide


My favorite part of the nonfiction unit was making the slides and presenting them to 4B and 4A. I liked making the slides because we gotta design them and make it our own. We added pictures and text to our slides. It was very fun.

Here’s the link to my Flipgrid


Altogether the project was fun. I loved how at the end we got to see how all our hard work paid off. I hope to do something like this again in the future.    



Finish It (Number 3)

I’m a troll. It was a normal day for me. I was walking along the path picking mushrooms. My mother was making a stew for my father who was currently ill. The whole way I was thinking about my dad and if he would survive the summer virus. He’s the most important person in my life. If he died I don’t know what I would do. My eyes started to water which turned into tears. “LOAD YOUR GUNS” a man screamed It was the pesky creatures that polluted our word, humans. I started to run. A bullet whizzed past my ear . . .(Please finish the story I would love to know your thoughts!!!)

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