October 14th – 18th, 2019



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Dear Colleagues,

Sharon and I have appreciated the time spent discussing your goals.  We are well on our way to completing our meetings and we both agree, it has been time well spent. We are so grateful for the opportunity to think with you and look forward to collaborating during the school year.

Happy Columbus Day.  Enjoy the long weekend.






Dismissal update as per the discussion during our faculty meeting:

  • Classes must be accompanied by their teachers to the dismissal spots.
  • Specialty teachers are asked to take their positions at the Putnam, Sage Terrace and OMPR locations. Please be ready to assist as needed so that the dismissal process is safe and efficient.
  • Fifth graders will use the exit between the library and technology rooms.
  • Lynne and Carole will be at that location.
  • Please click on the link to see the Dismissal document. It is slightly different from the Arrival document shared with you earlier.  

Halloween:  We will have our first schoolwide parade at Greenacres. Here is the information shared with parents.

    • The Halloween parade will begin at 8:45. It will be important for students to arrive on time!
    • All participating students will arrive at school in costume.
    • Costumes may not represent or depict violence. Students should not bring or carry any costume accessories (swords etc.) as they could potentially be a safety hazard. Students are not permitted to wear masks. 
    • Specialty teachers will be standing along the parade route. They will help students remain with their class and assist so that the parade route is clear and smooth. 
    • Kindergarteners will lead the parade exiting through the Sage Terrace, walk down the sidewalk to the park.  They will then make one loop around the blacktop. After the loop, the students will walk single file up Putnam and re-enter the building.
    • Weather permitting, parents will be allowed to line up on the parade route.  Each class will hold a sign, so parents will be able to know which class is walking past.  Students may not leave their classes to interact with parents and parents are also asked not to join the classes as they walk by. In the event of rain, the parade will take place in the building which would allow us to accommodate kindergarten parents only. 
    • Students will be required to remove their costumes upon their return to their classrooms. Please be sure to send an extra bag so they can be packed away and kept safely for any plans after school.  

Article 15: Please use this link to complete your 2019-20 Article 15 (Points) proposal. Please do so by October 31st.  

Safety & Security

As a result of the most recent lockdown debrief, we have been advised to make the following revisions.   

  • Lockdown announcements will no longer use the word “drill.” Instead, we are required to make lockdown announcements (drill and otherwise) by repeating the following: “Lockdown, Lockdown, Lockdown!” (Please discuss with your students.)
  • When lockdown drills are being conducted, doors will be unlocked by a member of the Building Emergency Response Team (BERT). After the doors have been unlocked you will be asked to “Shelter In Place.” When you hear the announcement over the PA system, “The drill is over,” you may end the “Shelter In Place” and resume normal activity. In the event of an actual lockdown, the police would unlock doors and give further instructions.
  • Epipens should be placed in your Emergency bags so they are ready for use.
  • Take your emergency bag with you to the safe space in your room so that you are able to access Epipens and complete the Attendance and Evaluation forms.
  • Please include the names of all adults in your room on the Attendance form. This will help us account for all adults in the building
  • Exterior doors may never be propped open.


 See the calendar:

 Faculty Photo 11/15 @ 8:15 a.m.  


Wise Insights from Ms. Pelekis’ first graders.

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