Finally Capstone has started, when I first realized that we had to pick a topic for capstone I was so excited. I started with thinking about what 3 topics I wanted to learn about for 6 weeks! My first three were cartoonist, Woodworking and climate change. Then after after I had my ideas I started to evaluate I thought that climate change wasn’t so strong on my interest list so I crossed that off my list, after I had 2 topics I had to think really hard for what I was more passionate about because I like woodworking  because I watch HGTV but I also like animated cartoons because I love drawing. This was really hard for me to do but after a lot of thinking I finally chose to do ANIMATED CARTOONS.


I have done a little bit of presearch which means that I have to gather my resources and see which ones are more helpful and which ones are not so helpful. One thing that I came up on while doing presearch was that I can actually look at cartoons like the Simpsons and see how they’ve  changed since there first seasons! I am really excited about this part because maybe I will be able to watch cartoons for my homework, If I get to watch cartoons for my homework I will be so happy and I mean who wouldn’t be. Another thing that I am doing for research is trying to make little simple cartoons, an example would be a flipbook, in my opinion flipbooks are really fun to make because they can send any message you want and there simple fun and super easy.

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