Finding a site visit can be exhausting if you don’t have help and thank God I did. The people that helped me were my mom and my teacher Ms. Boyer. So my site visit was supposed to be at the New York City Film Center but it was too far away, I would have driven myself there but I am only 10. But that is O.k because the Jacob Burns Film Center is only 10 minutes away!! So that is were I plan on going. This was the easy part the hard part was getting an appointment I am still working on it because every time they say “will get back to you as soon as possible” I end up having to call them 2 days later. This is frustrating but I keep it together because if I don’t I would explode. But it’s not all bad some of the times I called they actually picked up those were the moments that I was just so happy. On one of the calls I almost made an appointment but then they transferred me and I am telling you that was when I wanted to explode. I think that I might just pop up there and ask for a tour instead of calling because as you can tell it’s a real hassle.

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