Take a Look!

What is happening in this picture?

Look at the image below and respond to these questions:

  1. What is going on in this picture?
  2. Why do you think that?

Please post your response in the comment section.

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12 thoughts on “Take a Look!

  1. In the picture, the clouds are turning into swiggly clouds. I think that because in the picture, the clouds look like that.

  2. I think that in that picture it looks like a fire.
    I think this because it looks all smoky and the clouds look red.
    Also I think that it is a fire’s because usaly happen in forests.

  3. I think this picture is a picture of a sun set in a forest. I think this because in the picture there are many different colors in the sky, like the ones you see in a sun set

  4. It looks like there is something going on in the sky. It looks like 5 tornadoes swirling around and there is no sun so I am guessing it is cold. There are 16 trees. In the tornadoes there is sand also the clouds look like they are evaporating.

  5. I think that a tornado is forming. I think this because there is a big clump of swirling air. I also think this because the air is very easy to see. Another reason I think this because there is more air then there usually is.

  6. I think there is a sunset mixed with clouds in the sky. I think this because it looks like normal clouds in the sky but it’s colors are sunset colors and in the background looks like it’s getting darker in the sky and usually there is also a sunset.

  7. In this picture I think a storm is about to come. I think this because on the side it looks kind of dark and looks like there is already a storm over on the left.

  8. I see a desert in the sky, because of the waves that look like hills. I see a forest on the bottom, because of the trees. That’s what I see.

  9. It looks like a storm or something weird is going to happen. I think that because the clouds are in some kind of weird shape and that is so rare. Or maybe it’s evaporating. I think that because the clouds look like they are falling.

  10. What I think is the clouds are evaporating from the heat of the sun. So the clouds are going to erupt. I think this because, in this photo it look’s like a pink black color. So it look’s like the clouds are exploding.

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