Mochi Master

This video shows the amazing skill and artistry of a mochi master. What is mochi and what is the most impressive thing about making it? Please click the Leave a Reply link to let us know what you’re thinking.

17 thoughts on “Mochi Master

  1. Mochi is a edible dessert, some mochi is sweet while others aren’t , Good mochi is soft and chewy. Mochi is made out of wet sticky rice. Watching this video makes me hungry mochi sure looks good.

  2. I think the most impressive thing about making mochi is that it is so satisfying and stretchy!!! I love how they scream at each other while making it because when you watch it, I like it when people scream at each other. <= (: <3

  3. mochi is food it is part of a celebration it is rice . the most impressive thing about is how fast they can make it.

  4. Mochi is something that is soft and sticky , it is also a dessert. It is made out of a sticky rice called mochigome. The most impressive thing is that the pounding is very fast because they could do 3 pounding per second WOW!!!!

    -Elliot Chang Zhiao

  5. I can’t believe how fast he can pound the mochi!! 3 pounds per second!!? I reaaaally need to know how he does it!!

  6. Mochi is sticky rice that has been pounded for about two minutes. The most impressive thing about mochi for me is how it looks when it is finished being made. It looks like a melted green marshmellow. So cool, it’s like magic!

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