1: ¿Qué nuevo vocabulario usaste?

-que hora es







2: ¿Qué nuevas preguntas usaste?

-que hora es

-la clase de mathematics

-la clase ingles


3: How would you grade your work on this Screencast? (sobresaliente = A) (notable = B)




4: After listening to your screencast what words do you feel you could have practiced more? Quiero practicar las palabras ………






5: How could you use this new vocabulary outside of Spanish class?

If someone ask me a question.

Ecosystem-Rain Forests

This is my google drawing food webs.

Rain Forest

A rain forest is a rainy dense forest found in tropical areas. It is home to more than half of the world’s plant and animal species. It has a wide range of animal species from termites to boa constrictors. A long time ago most of the world’s land was tropical rain forests. Overtime people have a negative impact. They have burned and chopped down tons of trees.



Rain forest have decomposers they need them because they’re a lot of animals that die. Some decomposers are fungi, bacteria and termites. If there were no decomposers there would be so many dead animals lying on ground



There are a ton of producers in the rain forest. 70% of them are trees. There are a lot of different layers of trees. A lot of the animals eat the plants. It is very hot so tropical fruit can grow including banana trees, mango trees and other tropical fruit. Other foods grow there to like cocoa beans and cinnamon trees. Tree and leaves are home to many animals.



There are a lot of consumers in the rain forest. Some are herbivores others are carnivores. Some animals are Boa Constrictors, a lot snakes, insects, termites, tropical birds, small mammals and cats. A lot of them are herbivores.


Human Impact

Humans have a very negative impact on rain forest they burn trees to get land for crops. Over time the soil goes bad and the they do it again. They also cut down trees for the lumber. It is important that we stop this if we don’t some of these species might get to be extinct. Same with the plants.

The rain forest is crazy place full of wildlife we need to protect them.