Immigration Project

My whole class had interview someone about their story and life. I knew I was going to do my project on my grandfather, Bhal but he had died ten years before I was born.

This was my first challenge because I couldn’t ask for very exact details but his wife and son were happy to tell me everything they could.

The first part of the process was making the questions that I was going to ask them and this wasn’t that difficult because I wanted to know as much as I could. I interviewed my grandma first and she knew much more then I thought she would about his journey. I then interviewed my my Dad and his answers were very heartfelt and had more detail on his personality. Using the answers I had I made a narration on his journey and it was difficult to not just state the facts I knew about him. I was able to make it more like an actual story and then I had to make a script for my video from my narrative. Next I got a crazy amount of images from my grandma who had multiple photo albums. Next using adobe spark I had to combine my script and images to make the final video! When my dad watched it he cried from joy because it made him remember his dad.

I learned a lot about my grandfather and his personality and I got to learn about how other people thought about him after he died.

This was an amazing project and I really liked making it.

Refugee Questions

These are some of the questions that my class and I asked while we were reading the Refugee by Alan Gantz and these are my answers to these questions.

Why did Hitler hate Jewish people ?

There is not a definite answer to this because he was insane and he wouldn’t tell anyone but people think he was jealous and that he didn’t want people to be different. 

What had Josef’s father experienced in the camps?

Josef’s father had seen people be shot, beat, drowned,  and hung. He also was nearly starved to death. All this and more caused him to go insane because of what he had experienced.

If it weren’t for the refugees, would there be a U.N. after World War II?

There most likely have been a U.N. anyways because all of the world was involved so they all saw how horrible this was and wanted to stop another refugee crisis.


Rube Goldberg Part 2

The goal of my machine was to knock over my dad’s king in a chess game.

My resources were Joseph’s machines and two past projects from other students.  

My overall feelings on the project were mostly positive but I was stressed. But other than that I really enjoyed making and designing my project and it felt great when it finally worked after 28 tries.I learned how to transfer energy using simple machines and if you try new things you might come up with new ideas. For example I thought using the leaf lower wouldn’t work but I tried it and ended up using it in the final machine. My experience making the video was positive because I had soooo many takes and images to use.

An aha moment was when I realized I could use Legos. This was an aha moment because I have been building with them for many years. This helped me make my simple machines exactly how I wanted to. It was a lot faster to just spend 5 minutes building a pulley than spending an hour looking for one. 

One challenge I had was that my marble missed the lever about 13 times. The marble was near the end so I had to reset every single domino. Another challenge I had was that when I made a video explaining how it worked and the machine the video described failed, I had to make a new video. This took a long time and the way I solved it was not doing another explanation until after I had a successful run. 

One change that I made was that I took out one Lego projectile of the two because they were hitting each other on the way up my first incline plane. The next change I made was the supports for the pendulum. I changed the support because it moved a lot, and even fell over once. So once I redesigned it, it didn’t move and it held my second incline plane in place. The final change I made was that I made the path to the lever longer. I needed to do this because  the marble was missing the lever a lot and I mean a lot. As I mentioned, it missed 13 times out of 28 tries.        

My experience creating the video was fun because I got to see the whole progression of me creating my machine. My parents were incredibly supportive and helpful because they were there for all five hours of testing, rebuilding, and filming.   

My overall experience was that I had fun and I learned that you should try new things because they can solve a lot of problems.


This is my Wevideo!



Rube Goldberg First Blog Post

I have started working on my Rube Goldberg machine. I have had a few challenges so far, but also some good news.

My end goal is to knock over my father’s King in a game of chess.

The first challenge I  had was that my father destroyed my whole project because the ramp I was using was going to dent the table.

As you can imagine, this was a big challenge. Since I had to move to a new room, I decided to change a few things because I had some new ideas that I wanted to try.

My second challenge is that  I felt super stressed throughout the whole project.  I wasn’t sure how to transport energy best, and I wanted to make everything by the due date. I felt like the days leading up to the due date were going by really quickly.

A success I had was that I had a few materials that I was really good at using like Legos. But so far I haven’t found a way to include them in my project. The reason I am good at using Lego is that I have been playing with from the time I was three to now. Another success I had was that the floors in a room in my house had a design issue that made them slanted, and it was a good place to roll marbles. A third success I had was that I could use the leaf blower because it is not fall yet, so I plan to use it to direct a ping pong ball in any way I want.

I made a Lego car for my father as a Christmas gift. It had a lot of moving parts so I am trying to replicate that into my project.

So far I have had challenges and successes with my Rube Goldberg project. I am excited to continue building it.


Constitution Project Reflection

The purpose of this project was to teach us more about the Constitution and I think that this project related to our unit by teaching us more about parts we didn’t know a lot about and how important they are to our every day life. My research project was the Freedom of Press and I choose it because I thought that it was more important then I first realized and I was excited to learn more about it.

The research was the first part of the project and I really liked learning about how many big events occurred because of the Freedom of the Press.  Some of the things that I learned was that Abraham Lincoln made it punishable by death for a newspaper to give information to an enemy and that when a newspaper broke this law the building and contents were burned!

The script was my favorite part because I got to show how important my topic was.  The main way that I did this by talking about the biggest events related to my topic. Another way I did this was by explaining how big some of the changes to the Freedom of Press were.

After the script done I had to make the slideshow. I found it difficult to find all the images because one of my major events took place a long time ago but I did find a great image for that slide. But it was easy to find an image of Cato and I was a bit worried about this because I only ever heard of him while I was researching the causes. But I did find a good image after not a lot of searching.

The last part of the project was the screen cast this part was not really difficult. But I had never used screen cast before so it took me 10 tries! I ended up figuring out how everything worked and if you want to see the final version just copy the link at the bottom of the post.

To summarize I really enjoyed making this project. I am proud of all of the work that I did and I hope that you now understand the importance of the freedom of press . I also hope you enjoyed my project and I hope to do another project like this in the future.

My Goals for 2022

One of my goals for 2022 is to get better at showing my work in math because I sometimes make mistakes when not showing work.

Another goal for 2022 is to get a lot faster so I can have the fastest mile time in 6th grade.

My last goal for 2022 is to be able to swim a half mile in 45 minutes at camp. This would be 15 minutes faster then the last time I swam that far and I was going slower so I wouldn’t run out of energy.

Feature Article

Hilton Head Island Reflection and Feature Article

I came up with my topic by thinking of my favorite place and I thought of Hilton Head because that’s where I went one to three times a year because my Grandparents live there and they taught me all about the history and the people there. So it is probably the place that I know the most about so I when I thought about something we know a lot about HIlton Head came to mind first. When we were thinking about our message I struggled to come up with one but in the end I realized that most people didn’t know how important it was and they described it as a tourist destination but I thought that a lot more happened there so that was how I came up with my message. My message was “much more than a tourist destination” so people learned that it was an important place.

The aspects of the feature article that I found most enjoyable was the history section because there was so much information that I learned and was able to add to. I thought I knew almost all about the history but I was very wrong and learned so much more than I was expecting. The most challenging part was the wildlife section because I knew a lot about only sea turtles because my grandparents work on protecting and organizing protections of only sea turtles so I had to do a lot of research to fill up that slide.   

The technique that I used the most effectively was using dates and numbers to explain information and give readers a better understanding of the scale and or time in history.  I did this mostly in the History section because that was the section that I knew the most about and the section that I wanted to share the most information in.

I am most proud of the History section because all of the information that I wanted to include is in the section and there are facts that greatly support the message. For example the facts that Hilton Head was important throughout the war and that the largest navy force ever assembled was required to take Fort Walker. 

The feature article was different from my personal narrative because in my personal narrative my goal was to tell a story from my perspective but in my feature article I my goal was to tell people about Hilton Head and convince people that Hilton Head was more than a tourist destination.

In conclusion I really enjoyed writing about one of my favorite places and I enjoyed writing the history section. I was also happy that I was able to share everything that I wanted to and I hope that you learned a little bit about why I chose Hilton Head and why I chose the facts I did. 

Comparing Smoky Night and Fly Away Home

In both Smoky Night and Fly Away Home the characters are living through very difficult times but they both make friends from the hard times. For example in Smoky night the community seams divided because their cat fought with the Mrs. Kim’s cat and Daniel and Mama don’t buy from Mrs. Kim because Mama says “It’s better to buy from our own people.” But after the fire, they were told that there cats were holding paws and became friends and then saw their cats drinking milk together, Mama invited Mrs. Kim over and introduced each other. Another example is in fly away home Andrew became great friends with Denny because they both live in Chicago Airport and are homeless. They trust each so much that Dad leaves Andrew with Denny and his family every weekend and they decided that if ether of them ever gets a home they can live together.

WTP: Bill of Rights by Adam Lambert

I think that the most important right for a citizen to have in a free country is the right of free press because then if the government is treating the country unfairly the whole country will know and they can rise up if necessary. Also this could lead to other changes through protest and other methods of convincing the government to change and add laws.

 I think that the most important right for a student to have is the right of freedom of speech because they are the next generation and they need to be able to make changes now and in the future without being silenced. 

I think all citizens should have the same rights because then there are no oppressed groups preventing revolution and it would increase the reputation of the country by making other countries feel welcome and this could potentially increase global trade.

The rights that we don’t have that I think we should have are changing the 2nd amendment so that automatic weapons are illegal but hunting rifles that fire darts that can stun at most are allowed and all Military funds are released annually to the public.  I think the Government should release all of there military founds so that the public knows what there money is being used for.

Stronger by Janelle Monae

At the start of the song they are relaxed and a bit weak and then the moment they got to the first stronger they all burst out with energy. I think that this symbolizes getting stronger after being weaker because every time  “and every time you think we get a little weak, we get a little bit stronger!” comes up in the song they were a little weak until they got to stronger.

To me this song means every time the people in power think that the people are a little weaker they would try to take away their liberty but the people get a little stronger in response. I think this because of how much they emphasized parts that talked about being stronger and  they got weaker when they were talking being weaker. They also talked about how they  all are trying to slay the same giant and I think that giant is the people trying to take away their liberty  because nearing the end through the end they talk about liberty and equality and how they need to protect it. I think that the last 2 lines even though they are the same prove this by saying “we don’t want the life with out the liberty.”Stronger (from the Netflix Series “We The People”