In technology right now I am starting to make my waterproof flashlight, because I just finished my my picture diagram of my waterproof flashlight, which is drawn to scale. At first, while doing my waterproof flashlight I was a little confused and had a pretty hard time drawing my diagram. However, now that I have just finished sawing my pipe and finished my diagram, I can say that I really know what I am doing and that I feel pretty accomplished with my project right now. One thing I would also say that was hard at first in this expirement was my pipe. In the beginning while sawing I had a hard time putting my pipe in a good tight spot. However, once I started with a good tight spot for my pipe, I went at a good pace  with my sawing and finished pretty quick with sawing. I also got to start drilling so I could make a hole for my light.

My progress on waterproof flashlights

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