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In the previous post, Twitter @HeathcoteSchool, I wrote about Twitter as a platform and offered a solution for following Twitter users without actually have a Twitter account, or even a smartphone.

The previous post also listed all the teaches with Twitter accounts at Heathcote.

This post is more geared toward people with a Twitter account looking to get a more streamlined Heathcote experience out of the Twitter platform…

… Heathcote School has a school-wide Twitter account, @HeathcoteSchool, which we use to publicize general news and events related to the school. We also use @HeathcoteSchool to share & promote the great things teachers are doing in their classrooms.

With so many teachers using Twitter, and so many great things being published, it can be a bit daunting to follow all the teachers or hope @HeathcoteSchool will promote all teacher posts (it wont, it can’t, just not enough time in the day).

To make the filtering of Heathcote-related tweets we have created a hashtag for the school. Hashtags are basically searchable/filterable terms to simplify finding things.

The Heathcote hashtag is:


This hashtag will be added to all tweets celebrating the great things within our community. While teachers may tweet out resources and items such as homework reminders, the #heathcotepride tag is reserved for tweets celebrating our students and the great things they are doing.

This hashtag is also supported on other social media posts, including services such as Instagram, Facebook, Vine, and Google+ so we can share the great things happening in our school using a variety of platforms, yet still make them all easily accessible.

You can follow this hashtag in a very visual format from a browser, without a Twitter account, by visiting our living, digital, bulletin board:

Hopefully this option will help make the Heathcote Twitter experience more enjoyable for all members of the Heathcote School community, not just the twitter-ers among us…

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