Toy Hacking Workshop

Toy Hacking Workshop

Have you ever played with a Transformer?  The folks who designed that line of toys were geniuses!  Create one toy that actually becomes another toy entirely – so clever.  What would you create if you were a toy designer? 

Ms. Y and I designed a workshop titled, Toymakers and Tinkerers 101.  The goal is for the children to create a new toy entirely.  They are taking apart old toys and turning them into new creations. When kids learn how to make their own toys or inventions it leads to a shift from being a consumer of technology to a creator of technology.  This is an empowering process!

As the children delve into the take-apart sessions of this workshop, we have begun discussions around PARTS and PURPOSES.  They are examining gears, axels, levers, switches and circuits to see how the different parts of a toy actually work together to create the one thing that children love to play with.  What makes the car move forwards and back? What makes the action figure speak? What materials are used to amplify sound? How does the battery make the truck move? These are only a few of the questions that the 5th graders are asking and answering while problem solving, iterating and creating. 

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