2nd grade – The History of Typography

2nd Graders,

When we are typing we are entering our text using a particular font, or style of writing. But fonts aren’t just fonts, they are “typography” or the art or technique of arranging type in order to make language visible.

Before computers there were typewriters and before that, handwriting. In order to make writing universally legible there needed to be typography.

Watch the video below and answer the questions as comments…

The History of Typography by Ben Barrett-Forrest from Dezeen on Vimeo.

The questions…

  • What did you learn about typography?
  • Do you remember any of the typography style names? Which was your favorite?
  • What did you think about the style of video?
  • Did you like the way the video looked and was animate?
  • If you saw this video last year, have any of your thoughts or opinions on typography changed? Did something new stand out to you?
Answer these questions in full and complete sentences as a comment below…

Remember – Comment as “Name/URL” and use your first name and last initial (proper capitalization, no URL)- please respond in full and complete sentences – double check your work before posting your comment.

7 thoughts on “2nd grade – The History of Typography

  1. I learned that typography started with one font. My favorite font was Modern. I thought the video was with good animation. If I watched this video a long time ago, I would not have understood it.

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