Heathcote Chickens 2018!

We’re live!

Every year the 1st Graders get eggs and learn about the process of chickens hatching.

We are live streaming the eggs and the hatching process!

Point of reference, some seem to have hatched a few days early, which is why some of these live feeds have more chicks then eggs, and others more eggs then chicks.

Enjoy watching the process…

(click “more…”↓ to see the live feeds!) 

Click the Play button to load the live feed. It will take a few seconds to update to the latest video. During the school day the cameras occasionally get moved, we will re-position whenever we notice they are out of alignment.








3 thoughts on “Heathcote Chickens 2018!

  1. Hi, this is Jai. I just saw a couple of chicks hatch in Mr. Weill’s class. It is awesome and they are so cute.

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