4th Grade PSAs

4th graders,

You are working on PSA projects. You’ve had lessons about picking a topic, researching aspects, and writing a narrative. As you approach the point where you’re taking that narrative and revising it into a script, here are a few examples of PSAs to watch.

Some are 4th graders from previous years. Some are professional. Regardless, they all follow the same format…

Simple, straightforward, stating core problems, possible solutions, and a way to help. Use these as resources as you write your script.

You don’t need to watch them all, but watch one or two from each playlist. See how they are similar, how they are different. Even if the topics are different than yours, look at the format, the style, the presentation.

This time next year, your PSAs will be the newest examples for future 4th graders…

Ms. Rago’s class – 2017

Ms. Volpi’s class – 2018

Ms. Volpi’s class 2019

Professional examples (including one created by Mr. Casal & Ms. Rago)


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