5th Grade – Constitution Project Requirements

5th graders,

We have practices how to make an Infographic, how to make a WeVideo, and how to do an Ignite Talk (Ignite part 2). Now you can decide how you want to do your final Constitution project.

Here are the expectations for each of the project styles:

U.S. Constitution Project –
Overview of Requirements for Ignite, WeVideo and Infographic Products

  • Ignite Talk:
    • 2:15 minutes
    • 9 slides
    • Auto advance every 15 seconds
    • Consistency is key
      • 1 image or 6 word rule
      • Only 1 picture and no words
      • 6 words, or less, and no image
      • 6 words and 1 image (acceptable, but use sparingly)
      • Images:
        • Always in the same place
        • Don’t cover them with text
        • Crop out the unnecessary


  • WeVideo:
    • 2-4 minutes
    • Begin and end your video with a black
      • 2 seconds of black at both beginning and end
    • Images
      • no longer than 5 seconds
    • Video
      • no longer than 10 seconds
    • Text
      • Opening title
      • 6 words or less over images and videos
      • End credits
        • cite sources
        • thank people who assisted
        • etc


  • Infographic
    • 11 x 17 Google Drawing
    • Should contain quality information/data well-organized, this way:
      • a balance of text and images/graphics
      • plenty of negative space
      • a simple main idea or takeaway the reader can easily spot
      • Make numbers stand out
      • Uses shapes to visualize data/information
      • Uses graphics/images to represent data/information
      • Uses color to make data/information clear
      • Uses lines to map/connect data/information


  • General Information
    • Fonts
      • Consistency is key
      • Simple, clean, font
      • Same font throughout
      • No more than 3 fonts total
        • 1 – titles
        • 1 – text
        • 1 – caption
      • Black text on white background
      • White text on black background
    • Images
      • Don’t cover important aspects with text
      • Choose real, appropriate images
      • Don’t stretch or squish images
      • Drag from the corners only
    • No rainbows, unicorns, and fireworks
      • Could vs Should
        • Make smart choices
      • Want vs need
        • Make smart choices
    • Keep the focus on the content, your writing, your words, are the most important. The images should support your writing, not distract from it

click here for the Google Doc version of the requirements


As a reminder, you are creating these final projects based on the research and practice you have already done.

Here is the outline you were already given:

Here is the planer template you were given:

click here to make a copy if you don’t have it already


Looking forward to seeing your projects!

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