Student 1:1 Device Insurance Information

As you know, we provided our elementary students with loaner devices to support instruction. Parents have the option to purchase insurance for their child’s device, and we have arranged for coverage with the Worth Avenue Group. We have used this vendor for several years, and many other schools in our region also use this company.

The insurance covers damage as well as most instances of theft, and parents should review the policy carefully. Families are strongly encouraged, but not required, to purchase insurance. Please read the information provided by the Worth Avenue Group. Here is the link to purchase the insurance, which provides one year of protection.

Here is a link to a flyer that contains a brief overview of the device insurance.

Here is a link to the full insurance policy.

Note the following:

  1. If you do not purchase insurance, you are responsible for covering the cost of damage to the device or its charger, or paying for a replacement if they are damaged beyond repair, lost or stolen.
  2. Please follow the instructions carefully when entering the serial number for your child’s device. Specifically, make sure that you are entering the serial number of the device, not the asset tag number.
  3. The deadline to purchase insurance is October 24th. Please complete the online form prior to the deadline.

We strongly encourage families to consider purchasing the reasonably-priced ($30) insurance policy the district has made available through The Worth Avenue Group, a vendor also used by a number of local districts, which provides protection against damage, loss and theft. Typical iPad repairs average $150, Chromebook repairs average $100, and damaged chargers cost between $38 and $48 to replace, which is why we think this insurance is a prudent choice. 

Below this letter you will find images and a tutorial to help you identify the serial number of your child’s device. This serial number will be required when signing up for insurance with the Worth Avenue Group.

While our students are in school, their devices access our network via a district Internet content filter, which helps to prevent students from accessing inappropriate images and websites. A similar content filter will be used on the devices when they are outside of school. Because no Internet filter is perfect, we recommend proactive parental monitoring of your child’s use of the school iPads and Chromebooks.

In addition, please review the following important documents, district policies and resources:

After reviewing the above documents and applying for insurance with Worth Avenue Group, please fill out the required signature submission form

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Chris Casal

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