5th Grade – Immigration – Gathering Resources

5th graders,

As we talked about today, your Adobe Creative Cloud project on Immigration does not start with Adobe, it starts with gathering resources.

What we did in class:

  • In your Social Studies folder, we made a new folder called Immigration
    • your interview questions, resources, and script will live eventually in this folder
  • In the Immigration folder we made another folder called Immigration Media
    • this is where you will add all of the images and videos you collect for your project

A reminder on how to upload images to Drive

Ask permission before taking photos of the person you are doing your project on. Ask permission to use their photographs in your project. We can always use stock images if you don’t have access/permission for photos of the person your report is on.

We will talk more about the project, narrative wiring, script writing and movie production using Adobe Creative Cloud Express after the February vacation.


Examples from previous years projects on these playlists:

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