Million Dollar Genius

    Million Dollar Genius on the History Channel shows the stories of people who found a problem in their daily life and wanted to make something to help, including the Head Blade, Fox 40 pealess whistle, and the Java Jacket (coffee sleeve). One thing all of the inventors have in common is that they all weren’t inventors to start out, they found an issue, had a vision, and after lots of thinking made something incredible happen that changed many peoples daily lives for the better. They also almost lost all of their money doing this but stayed so very committed to their idea.

I think Million Dollar Genius is really inspiring because it gets me to think in ways I have never thought before, also it shows how committed people really are to what they think is a good idea, no matter how many times they fail they won’t give up. I learned that you should always stick to what you believe is a good idea because you could end up a millionaire. For example, Ron Foxcroft inventor of Fox 40 pealess whistle was a high school drop out, he was a referee for basketball, and didn’t like the standard pea whistle. After working for over 3 years on prototypes, he finally found something that worked. He almost went into bankruptcy, but stayed committed. The problem was, no one wanted to buy it. Then he had an idea which got him 20,000 orders. He was in business. Ron Foxcroft and many other million dollar geniuses taught me to always stick to what I THOUGHT, not what someone else THINKS, because you could up like one of them: A Million Dollar Genius.

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