A Long Walk To Water

A long walk to water is the book we are currently reading in class. There are 2 sides to the story. 1 side is Salvas story. His is about the war in Sudan and people going to find refugee camps. The other side is Nyas story. Her story is based on what people do in her area of Sudan. She is made up but is based on what other people do.

The story for Salva is his village is attacked and finds people to find a refugee camp. He finds his uncle and walks with him to the refugee camp. He tells him to take it 1 step at a time. Break the desert up into tiny pieces. They find there way out of the village but are attacked and looted and the leader (uncle) died. Nyas story is that she fetches water every day for 7 months until the dry season where they go to another camp. When they were there her sister gets a deadly disease. Also when Salva grows up he makes a company to give water to Sudan and they make a drill in Nyas village. Those are both of there stories.

You need qualities to be a leader. You can’t just be a leader and have no skills or no idea what to do. You need to have perseverance and strength. You need perseverance to be able to keep trying over and over until you succeed. You need strength mentally. You can’t cry or give up you need to be strong and try again.

You also need confidence and inspiration. You need to be confident in what you are doing. You need to be the light when its dark.  You also need to inspire people. If someone doesn’t want to do something tell them to and inspire them. You need to help them and make them believe.

You also need to be wise and a problem solver. You can’t have no idea of what you are doing. You need to be smart and make good decisions for you and the group. You need to be wise and know what you are doing or going to do next. You also need to be a problem solver. If something doesn’t go right find a way to fix it. Try to help other people solve problems.

Salva has perseverance and strength because he only cried once and kept going even when bad stuff happened like uncle dying and losing his family he kept going and never gave up. He also felt confident  when he saw the woman with the orange scarf. He showed problem solving and was wise because he was able to survive in the camp and saved his water in the desert. He problem solved because found a way to be tough when all of the bad stuff that happened to him. You also need to be inspiring to others and confident. He was confident when he jumped into the river. He was inspiring when he was the leader

Perseverance is very important in life because you can’t just give up on everything you do. You have to try at everything and if it doesn’t work the first time try again. Salva kept on walking until he reached Kenya. Also Nya had walked every day to get water and when she came back she went to get water. She kept getting water everyday for 7 months. She got water everyday. She kept doing it. Salva kept walking until he reached safety snd that took years. Years of just walking. I am not that good at basketball but I keep trying and practicing until I get better. I keep going and I don’t quit. Salva demonstrates perseverance perfectly in so many ways. He persevered when he was in the desert and every where else he went.

I can become better at persevering by not getting mad quickly and keep on trying. I get frustrated  to fast and never really keep trying. I try something and I think it is to hard. I never give it a try. I need to try more stuff and challenge myself to keep going. I can’t stop so quickly I need to keep going. I need to challenge myself and push myself.

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