Home Of The Brave

Home of The Brave
Gol is a cow, but Katherine Applegate (author of Home of The Brave) also uses her as a symbol. How does Gol represent Kek’s past, present, and possibly his future?  

Gol represents Kek’s past because he used to herd cattle. For Kek his family left and he feels like he’s leaving his old life and losing his memories. Gol sort of represents a piece of Kek’s old life.

Kek is similar to Gol in his present, because both of them are going into a new life. If Kek loses Gol, it is like losing his last big piece of his old life. Kek loves Gol. Kek is also a piece of Gol’s life.

Gol is a piece of Kek’s future because it makes him happy. It makes them both go into their new life with a good piece of memory.


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