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2016 Summer Olympics

This years summer Olympics will be hosted in Rio de Janeiro. 4.3 billion people are expected to watch on TV! 206 countries will be competing and over 11,000 athletes. In the Paralympics 4,350 athletes with disabilities will be competing, from 176 countries, in 23 sports. Athletes are very exited to compete and represent their country. A swimmer named Reece says, “To represent your country at the largest sporting event in the world is a whole other story.”

Capstone #2: Choosing a main Inquiry Question and Sub Question

Mrs. Edwards told our class that our capstone tittle had to be a question. Not a green light or red light question, but a deep question. Mrs. Edwards told us that this project was something we were supposed to be enthusiastic about learning, enjoy it, learn a lot about, and have fun. Since I have allergies I didn’t know if I was going to be able to learn so much about it, but I knew I would be enthusiastic and all. I kept thinking. I then remembered that at seder my cousin who has allergies had a dog that sniffed her food to see if there were any ingredients she was allergic to. Then it popped into my head. I was going to do what are allergist doing to help people with allergies. When we had to tell Mrs. Edwards our main inquiry question so far I told her that. We met and jazzed it up a bit. My final product went something like this: what are the top treatments for people with allergies and what are treatments that allergist are considering. This worked because I would research all the treatments and at my interview learn about treatments they want to do in the future.

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Capstone #1: Picking a Topic in Capstone

When Mrs. Edwards told us to start capstone, she said that our main inquiry question was going to be a deep question. We would do a lot of research and look through it to come up with our capstone. I really wanted to learn about food allergies because I have them. I thought it would be hard to come up with questions because I know a lot about food allergies, but it really wasn’t. Mrs. Edwards said that we were going to choose two topics. I was not that interested in anything else, so I brainstormed and came up with something random. I came up with endangered animals.

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Current Events

In current events I read about and watched a video about how Noah an eleven year old boy who has KTL  joined make a wish foundation hoping to meet Cam Newton. KTL is when something like a cold is very bad and Noah’s left leg is three inches wider and taller than his right leg. I thought it was super nice of Cam Newton to visit Noah because he is very busy, but Cam Newton managed to do it. I bet Noah was very happy.

Word Art Poem

Greylock Poem

My poem is about camp. I chose the hand because it looked like a kids hand and I decided to make the writing red because my camp color is red. I thought the font looked like a kid who’s writing a letter. This is why I chose the colors and shapes.

Here is the same poem in the hand



The sun in my face

The wind in my hair

The splash of the river

When kids jump in

Playing sports all day

When Evening activities come

We play capture the flag

Until the sun vanishes over the horizon

The Idea

When Ian and I got to Jonny’s house Jonny told us about his Idea. We were going to hit a water bottle into a cooler. Ian and I agreed. We started building, but we had one problem. How are we going to get an object to the top of the cooler. That’s where I came in. I said we should put dominoes on a box onto a higher box etc. Then when we reached the top the domino would hit the water bottle into the cooler.