27 thoughts on “Living Off the Grid

  1. I would imagine that the best part of living off the grid would be the peacefulness. Your thoughts would not be interrupted by the constant business of everything that is going on online. The worst part would probably be that life might be more difficult trying to survive without electricity. I wonder if the couple in the video misses contacting everyone they could be in touch with using phones.

  2. My favorite part was when they did every think alone whif no internet .
    I think the worse part was when they told that they live in a land

  3. I think the best part about living off the grid is that you get allot of exersize. But the worst part about it is that you never really get to just sit back and relax.

  4. i think living on grid will make mad because i love to watch tv and play on my ipod or ipad and i dont like fish. what i like about it that you can be createve and make new things that don’t egxist enymore. And that is why

  5. The best part (I think) is you have more place to discover and you probably won’t be bothered. The worst part is that you don’t have any phones,ipads,or computers.

  6. Living on the grid might be fun because it might be a good way to eat healthy. What might not be fun about living on the grid is because you would have no friends or devices.

  7. The best part was that you didn’t have to eat any old city food and that you can be very curios and you can build things that you can’t usually build in the city.
    the worst part was that you don’t have any neighbers,friends,or electronic devices.

  8. I think living of the grid is. . .SO COOL!!!!
    But what I think is not good about living of the grid, there are alot of bugs.
    And what I think is good is,you can go any where you want and bild any thing you want.

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