Wild Card Contender From Texas Wins The 2018 National Spelling Bee

Wild Card Contender From Texas Wins The 2018 National Spelling Bee

Title : Wild Card Contender From Texas Wins The 2018 National Spelling Bee

Source : DogoNews

Article date : June 5th, 2018

Author : Hannah Shariff

Summary :

On Thursday May 10, a 14 year old boy named Karthik Nemmani from Scoggins Middle School in McKinney, Texas won the 2018 National Spelling Bee. He stunned the world when he beat crowd favorite and veteran competitor Naysa Modi. He won by spelling the word koinonia. Koinonia means an intimate spiritual or Christian communion.

Naysa messed up on the word bewusstseinslage. She messed up the single and double “s”. Even though Karthik won this national spelling bee, he did not win his county or even regional spelling bee. In fact, it was Naysa who had defeated him and other competitors in March at the Golden Chick Dallas Regional Spelling Bee! Karthik won a trophy, and prizes worth $40,000, including $25,000 in cash, trips to New York and Los Angeles for appearances on national television, a reference library from Merriam-Webster, and a pizza party for his school. Karthik won his first spelling bee at the age of five!

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Watch Jupitar Up Close On May 8th

Title: Watch Jupiter Up Close On May 8

Source: Dogo News

By: Meera Dolasia

Article Date: May 8th, 2018

               On May 8th, you would’ve been able to see Jupiter up close. The Earth passed in between the sun and Jupiter. This means that Jupiter will rise shortly after the sun sets, and stay up all night. This will be the best time to see this huge planet. Even though Jupiter shined its brightest on May 8th, it will not reach its closest distance to Earth until May 10th. According to the experts at EarthSky, “If our planets orbits were perfect circles, then yes, we’d be closest together on the date Earth passes between Jupiter and the sun. But Earth’s orbit and Jupiter’s orbit are elliptical, like circles someone sat down on.” Jupiter’s 4 moons were also visible- Ganymede, Callisto, Europa, and Lo.

               If you look at Jupiter for a few days or hours, you notice the satellites, which look like tiny dots moving around. This event is similar to when the Earth gets in between the sun and moon, with one exception- while our satellite is in opposition every month. Jupiter only gets to this position every 13 months, so the next time this happens is on June 10th, 2019. The timing is due to the differing speeds of the two planets. It takes the Earth about 12 months to orbit the sun, while it takes Jupiter about 12 years to orbit this star.The planet’s position is not the only reason Jupiter has been making headlines lately. On May 7, NASA released a stunning five-minute video (embedded below) highlighting some of the coolest discoveries made by the Juno spacecraft when it recently flew over Jupiter’s poles. “As it turns out, Jupiter is just the first of three planetary oppositions in store for stargazers this summer. On June 27, keep your eyes peeled for Saturn and its colorful rings, and about a month later, on July 31, Mars will be visible in its full glory. According to astronomers, the Red Planet will come within 35.8 million miles from Earth — the closest it’s been in 15 years — and appear twice as bright as Jupiter! Though the best days to see the various planets is when they are in opposition, they will be visible for a few weeks before and after the events as well.” I hope that I will be able to see other planets becaus I didn’t get to see Jupiter.

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Current Event: Danger Zone

Title: Danger Zone

Source: Time For Kids

Date: March 23 2018

News Type: World

By: Emma

                    On March 7th, the Japanese volcano, Mount Shinmoedake erupted. Smoke and ash filled the sky. For a few days, ash was flying out of the volcano. Then, on March 10th, the eruptions again turned explosive. Buildings vibrated as lava poured down the mountainside.

                   There are no reports of injuries or damage from the eruptions. Officials have not ordered an evacuation, but the Japan Meteorological Agency is warning people to stay away from Mount Shinmoedake. Volcanic activity may continue for months. Major eruptions could send rocks flying as far as 2 and ½ miles from the crater.

                    The city of Kirishma sits at the foot of the volcano. Some people there are carrying an umbrella for protection from falling ash, wearing a surgical mask, or covering their nose with a towel.

                    Mount Shinmoedake sits on the southernmost of Japan’s main islands. Japan is on the ring of fire. This “ring” runs around the Pacific Ocean, along the edges of the tectonic plates that make up the Earth’s crust. Sometimes, these plates shift. Liquefied rock, called magma, squeezes through. Gas bubbles from, forcing magma out of the volcano.

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Current Event: The Kid in Charge

Current Event

Title: The Kid in Charge

Article date: March 2nd, 2018

Brian S. McGrath

News type: state

In the article The Kid In Charge Brian S. McGrath tells about how a fifth grade kid named Dom Peters, 11,  is sworn in as Oregon’s first kid governor.

Many kids have been bullied and have gotten hurt from bullies. Dom Peters wanted to stop it. So, he ran for kid governor. “ Even before running for office, Dom would step forward to stick up for people.” says his teacher, Jo Moore.

On January 8, Dom was sworn in as Oregons first kid governor. Fifth graders across the state elected him. If I was a fifth grader in Oregon, I probably have elected him because I want to stop bullying too. Dom campaigned with an anti bullying message. Kid voters liked it. “I’ve seen a lot of bullying, and I’ve been bullied,” Dom said at his first press conference. “I want to stop it.” Oregon’s kid governor program is based on a similar program in Connecticut. I hope that other states will follow and  have a kid president.

Brian Cofrancesco works for the Connecticut Public Affairs Network.

He helped launch Kid Governor in 2015. Dom will also move forward on a big campaign promise. He is starting the Super Kind Writer’s  Club. He hopes to inspire kids to share their stories about the importance of treating others with fairness and sympathy.“Sometimes, kids see problems from a different perspective than adults, and have different solutions,” he told TFK. Is the Kid Governor planning a career in politics? “I haven’t decided on that yet,” Dom says. “I’m going to see where life takes me.”

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