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Capstone #2 (Main Inquiry Question and Sub Questions


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The second part for our capstone progress was to think of our Main Inquiry question along with our Sub questions. At first I thought that this would be a piece of cake because we just had to think of a question that related to our topic and questions that supported our our main question. Though I was wrong, the question had to be really precise and it had to be a question that really had the people watching thinking. Ms. Edwards gave us a sheet to help us think about what to make as our Main Inquiry question. That sheet didn’t help me, it made me think too much and then I just started to trail away and I couldn’t think of anything. When I went home I started to think, and think, and think. Then I finally came up with my Main Inquiry question. What are the chief elements that affect the production of a TV sitcom? Then I Thought of my Sub questions, here they are:                                                                                                                                      How are single camera films and multi camera films different?
How are the right actors selected for the part?
How is a sitcom really made funny?
How is the audience kept entertained throughout the film?
How is a sitcom edited?

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  1. wlemerond25

    I like how you really explained your thinking process. I also like how you listed some of the challenges you faced throughout the journey.

  2. kkattan25

    I think that this post was pretty good. I would add a little more detail. Overall I think this post was good and I liked your questions.

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