My First Back Tuck

One time in third grade I was at my friends house and we were on the trampoline. My friend also did gymnastics.  She kept doing back tucks and back lay outs. I wanted to try, so I said, ” ‘Im going to try a back tuck.” “Ok,” she said. My heart was pounding as fast as a rabbit running away from it’s predator. I was so scared. What if I landed on my head.  I didn’t want to think about that. I started jumping and then I let my self rotate backwards in the air and then I landed. After that I kept doing back tucks. They were so fun! Now I still do them and love them!

One thought on “My First Back Tuck

  1. Hi elizabeth,

    I totally feel the same your story was amazing I hope you blog a story about trying new gymnastics more.Thank you this story is inspiring. When I first did my back tuck I was so scared I thought I was either going to land on my head or fall out of the trampoline.

    thank you for your story

    Bye sophie

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